7 back-to-school gadgets to help you focus

to connectVideoTech of the essential features that you need in order to start the school year off right

From a Bluetooth-tracking devices to fingerprint locks technologies going back to school is easier now than ever before.

When school starts, it still feels like summer. These gadgets will be in the control of the transition to a full day of classes at the high school or college, if the weather is still distracting. Taking notes on a laptop computer, as with any of the cables, and a never-ending notepad, in order to stay focused.

1. The Inspiron 13 is 7390, the 2-in-1 ($1,200)

Leave a little bit of ink to help you stay on task this fall. The Dell Inspiron 13 7390 enables you to make notes in class using a pen stylus — and the screen has 1,048 level of the pressure of the pen and its sensitivity. The touch-enabled laptop, folds into a “tent” so you can sit back and focus on the teacher.

2. Nomad Universal Kevlar-Reinforced Cable ($40)

It can be a phone cable that will help you to focus? Yes, if it has three terminals. This enables you to quickly switch between an iPhone charger, Android charger, and a USB connection to C create a list of files that will be used on a newer Android phone, no more hassle with the cables.


3. Decibullz Black Diamond Is A Real Wireless Earphones ($179)

These ear plugs will help you tune out the world and tune in to a pre-recorded lecture, or to your favorite music. The most important reason of all: They can be custom-made for your ear to create a secure, protective fit for the derivation to be reduced. Plus, they sound great.

4. Brother INKvestment Tank MFC-J805DW Printer ($160)

High school students and college students still need the printer for homework and assignments. You can print this model for a year without replacing the print cartridges, because it uses a single ink tank. It doubles as a copier and has a total of 150 sheets of paper loaded in the tray.


5. A Rocket To The Fusion ($37)

Rocketbook, Fusion

A digital notebook that helps you stay focused because you are not getting the piece of paper. As soon as you are taking notes, make a task list or a calendar with the Merger, and allows you to wipe the page clean. The notes are stored in the cloud for easy retrieval later on.

6. Renogy Phoenix 100 And Mini Power Station ($160)

A great way to help you get focused: how to Keep your gadgets fully charged and ready for use. The Renogy Phoenix-100 has the ability to re-charge the phone 6 to 8 times a year, or a laptop, or two more times. It’s about the size of an Amazon’s Echo speaker, and it weighs in at about 25 grams.


7. The Roland R-07 High-Resolution Audio Recorder ($200)

Most of the children know that they will be able to record the audio on your phone during a presentation, but the results are hit-or-miss. This is a high-end audio recorder it is a cost-effective, to capture pristine audio, and you can easily reduce the files to your laptop.

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