65-something makes more mileage on the road

65-something makes more mileage on the road

Dutch people make more and more miles on the road. Individuals reason 91 billion miles in their cars in 2015, which is six percent more than in 2005. Especially people over 65 have a longer distance to go to take.

The distance that people over 65 to travel with the car rose in the period 2005-2015 is the strongest, with 68 percent to 14.2 billion kilometers. Also the number of kilometres driven per person has been driven took to join this group, it reports the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

In the last ten years, the number of people over 65 with 32 percent. Also, this group has more of a car in his possession than ten years ago. The car ownership increased from 408 cars per thousand people over 65 in 2005 to 521 cars per thousand in 2015.

According to the CBS, this is explained by the fact that the elderly of today often have a drivers licence than in the past, especially in women and this number has grown. Women are, according to the CBS wealthier and more mobile. Also, women are older and they remain longer live independently. The number of kilometers women travel increased from ten to sixteen percent.


Having a new car is among the elderly are also more common than in other age groups. 33 percent of people over 65 is the first owner of their car. On average, eighteen percent of the remaining car owners the first owner. In addition, older people have their car longer in their possession. The beginning of 2016 had the elderly on the car six years in possession, other car owners, this was four years.

The most common car colour: on the road is grey, this colour in 41 percent also by the 65-something chosen. The most popular model of car is the Renault Megane Scenic, Toyota Yaris, Opel Agila and the Volkswagen Polo. In all other leeftijgsgroepen is the Volkswagen Golf the most popular car.

Young people

In addition to the number of the elderly, is also the number of young people of eighteen to thirty years in the past ten years has increased by eight percent. This translated, however, does not result in an increase of the number of kilometres driven and therefore within this age group. The number of kilometres travelled declined just four percent to 10.6 billion km in 2015. Car ownership among young people is lower than ten years ago. At the beginning of 2006, there were 308 cars on thousands of young people, in the beginning of 2016 there were 284.

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