60 years Spike Lee in 6 movies

On a day like this, but then sixty years ago, was Shelton Jackson Lee born, he who you would later know as Spike Lee. The rebellious director in six sleutelfilms.

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With role models like Akira Kurosawa took the American director Spike Lee has been the beginning of his career to be a storyteller. Lee avoids the controversy is not – his public persona is often criticized – and he focuses steadily on the image of the Afro-American history, see Malcolm X (1992) and Get on the Bus (1996).

Central themes in his work are racism, violence, moral choices, and deserved punishment. He is sometimes blamed no strong roles the way for women and also transpersonen to forget in his battle. But that is still not too late, because after 22 feature films, 10 documentaries and several short films, commercials and video clips, is the hunger of the director, screenwriter, actor and producer is still not satisfied.

In anticipation of his documentary Go Brazil, go! which has been some time announced, but around which, the provisional still – and on his eponymous album from 1986 based series She’s gotta have it: a look back at his career in six movies.

  • She’s gotta have it (1986)

A textbook example of the guerrillafilm: Lee succeeded in She’s gotta have it, which he is both a scriptwriter, director, actor and producer, and in twelve days to run with a very limited budget, so he forced many of his friends in turn as the cast and crew. She’s gotta have it is the only film that a scene contains, of which Lee regret: the verkrachtingsscène, that for an epiphany of the main character. Fortunately for him, he can in the eponymous series that soon is expected to straighten.

  • Do the Right Thing (1989)

With Brooklyn as a setting brings Lee here racial tensions in the picture. The summer heat has the film an oppressive atmosphere that can only result in a tragedy. Expect witty replies such as ‘Mookie, the last time I trusted you we ended up with a son.’

  • Malcolm X (1992)

Perhaps Lee’s most famous film, of which he is the life of the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam describes. The main role is played by Denzel Washington, an Oscar nomination for best actor in the awards.

  • 4 Little Girls (1996)

In this documentary brings Spike Lee report of the attacks on a baptist church in Alabama, in which four African American girls were killed. An Academy Award-nomination for best documentary was his part.

  • 25th Hour (2002)

For this film, which is set in America after 9/11 and is based on the eponymous book by David Benioff, could Lee count on Edward Norton and Philip Seymour Hoffman for the lead roles. Monty Brogan (Norton) is a executed drug dealer who, in his last free hours reflections over the course of its life. One of the most memorable scenes is without doubt the ‘fuck’monologue from Brogan, that Lee straight racial stereotypes told.

  • Chi-raq (2015)

This modern adaptation of the Ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes shows the violent bendeleven in modern-day Chicago, and how the women there an end to trying to make it by their partners sex is to deny until a truce is. Lee could count on collaborations with Teyonah Parris, Nick Cannon, John Cusack, Wesley Snipes and Samuel L. Jackson.

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