6 Ways to Cozy up Your Home in the Winter

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It is the time of year when the fresh water gives a frosted morning windows. It is a time of togetherness, hope, wonder and warmth. At the very least it should be. If you are not feeling the whole warm winter mood, you might need a small change to your environment. Piles of pillows for extra softness to the feet, here are six simple ways to add a cozy, quiet feeling of winter to your home.

1. Surround yourself with softness. Something as simple as a sheepskin rug nonchalantly draped over a sofa begs you to close your eyes and nap awhile. Real or fake, rich texture sheepskin calls all the plays a large role in Scandinavian homes during the winter.

With the help of sheepskin in unexpected places, such as on your dining room chairs, is both luxurious and enveloping. It adds just enough luxury to feel special and inviting — two important aspects of creating heat.

Blankets, of course, are a direct source of softness, the offer of certainty which is connected with one of our earliest memories. A casually tossed throw blanket is a chance to wrap yourself in physical heat, nest and cancel your plans.

Leaving throws on the sofa and chairs is a simple, but nourishing gesture. Because a throw means comfort, it is a good way to provide visual warmth.

2. Add some velvet. Substances have much to do with the atmosphere of a room. A leather chair is a very different “feeling” in a space than a chair covered with velvet. Once a material reserved for royalty, modern-day velvet is both extravagant and relaxing.

A velvet sofa is a luxurious way to add comforting texture to a room, but you don’t have to splurge on full-scale furniture made of the same atmosphere.

Try velvet slipcovers for a low involvement approach to the warming of the earth to your larger pieces during the winter months.

Good to know: the Performance of velvet works well for families with children because it is a long-wearing textile with a soft, plush pile.

3. Pile on the pillows. While it is true that a sofa or a bed does not need a lot of pillows, stack them on for movie nights, small gatherings, or a long stretch of rainy days makes you a pillow-fort kind of vibe.

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When it comes to pillows, in the service of a maximalist approach. Use enough to sit against, hug tightly behind your head and things around you for an instant nest.

4. Setting up a hot beverage station. Pull out a beautiful tray, set us your favorite mugs, and fill the pots, bowls and jugs with treats, such as small marshmallows, chocolate dipped biscotti, peppermint candies and cinnamon sticks. Boil a little hot water and put it in an insulated carafe in addition to a assortment of calming tea such as chamomile, lavender and peppermint and you have an instant welcome home.

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5. Cluster your candles. Candles have long been used to set the scene for everything from formal dinners to romantic interludes. When fragrant, they can be a powerful sense of place, to remind you of special memories each time you enter the room.

Clustering several candles together in different heights to create a dramatic and magical glow. Try dimming the lights and allow the candles for the lighting of the room.

Soaking in a hot bath is a great way to let go of your worries, but adding candles to the mix, it improves the aura, helps to clear your head and leave you in a peaceful state of mind.

Group tealight or votive candles together on a plate, along a ledge or in holders close enough that you can see them flicker.

Good to know: Make sure that whatever you use as a candle holder is sturdy, secure and unlikely to tip over.

Although there is no real substitute for a crackling fire in the fireplace, clustering candles together is a quick and fume-free way to create a similar feel. Do not use special occasions as the only reason to light them — do it for yourself as a means to lift the spirits on a gloomy, cloudy day.

Important note: If you live in a home with curious pets or small children, battery-powered LED candles are the best choice to avoid accidents and injuries.

6. Swap in some shag. In warmer weather, a bare floor or with a low-pile carpet can keep a room cooler, both physically and visually. When the temperature drops, changing the carpet in a shaggy rug adds cloud-like softness under the feet. A shag area rug can completely change the aesthetics of a room and immediately makes it feel cozier.

A lighter-toned shag has added seasonal appeal. It is in the style of a cozy lodge or snow-covered ground.

Exchange your floor coverings is a great time to the previous carpets professionally cleaned and rolled (if possible). They can be stored is thick plastic for in the warmer weather back.

Good to know: When vacuuming a shag or tufted carpet, you want to disable the roller brush and only use the suction function. The roller brush will snag individual pieces of the back and pull them out. This is especially true for lined edges.

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