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The Italian cuisine was repeatedly praised due to its positive effects on health and its exquisite cuisine. Do you want to own some Italian culinary philosophy of your kitchen bringing? Read sure these tips at after.

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1. Test while you cook

A golden lesson in the kitchen: don’t overdo it. Add little by little the salt, pepper, or whatever else and test again each time. You test rather once too much than that you suddenly ends up with a concoction that still had potential to grow into a sterrengerecht, but genekt by an overdose of salt.

2. Use fresh, seasonal products

Italian dishes are often very simple. Therefore, it is important that you get the best ingredients you can get. Then it is logical to seasonal products to choose from: which are amazingly fresh and packed with flavor. Moreover, there are more nutrients in than in products that already have a time in a repository. Finally, it is also just very nice to be on a local market or in a specialist greengrocer your products with love to choose from. Also that is enjoying food!

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3. For once and for all: cook your pasta correctly

First of all: you don’t need more than 120 grams of dried pasta per person. So you don’t the whole bag is empty to pour to you every time you have pasta on the menu once again to overeating.

Second: do it right. Leave a generous amount of boiling water, add a spacious (and we mean it, don’t be afraid to be too much to use!) amount of salt and stir through the water until it is resolved. Only then can the paste be there. Then set a kookwekkertje two minutes earlier than recommended on the packaging, and test. Stay continuous to taste and pour the pasta a minute before the recommended cooking time. Your pasta al dente, cooking is not only tastier, but also healthier: al dente pasta has a lower glycemic index, making your hunger longer satisfied than with overkookte pasta.

4. Eat fish

Fish and shellfish are an essential part of an Italian diet. That ensure not only variety, but also for all kinds of healthy fatty acids that you do not ingest if you only eat meat. Voedselexperten recommend once to twice a week to eat fish and so not only Friday to fishing day to crowns.

5. Start at the beginning

Tomato sauce or pesto from a jar that you see in the supermarket have bought, which is not in line with the philosophy of the Italian cuisine, which encourages to take the time for your food and treat with respect. In addition, those premade jars full of preservatives, sugars, salt, and seasonings, while the Italian kitchen is running to the base of your ingredients to bring.

Choose in the sequel a try for yourself to get started. That basisbereidingen are usually not difficult, but they require some time. So, if you are on a Sunday afternoon, don’t know what to do, we can suggest you to get a load of tomato sauce to make and freeze! Or go aa started with pastadeeg and think of the strangest shapes! It requires a little more effort, but you will be rewarded with loads of satisfaction and self-esteem.

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6. Make a meal an experience

Actually, the Italian kitchen down to this: enjoy your food. If you do everything consciously taste each bite with flavor eats, you will have more fun to your food and therefore less gobble without thought. That you can health only but have a positive influence. So make every meal a real event: sit together with your family members and locate the off button on your tv and smartphone.


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