6 of the best Bond-worthy holiday gifts

(Ares Gear)

Hunters, fishermen, adventurers, athletes, outdoorsmen, first responders, military Men … men are notoriously difficult to shop for, but not when you’re armed with our 2017 gift guide.

A watch and shades for the genuine 007 types to the top tomahawk, best tactical jeans and belts, we have you covered. You can even have the gift of the secret to the secret mission state male organs.

Here are six Bond-inspired gifts that will provide maximum impact this season.

Upgrade any look

(Gatorz Eyewear)

The right sunglasses can upgrade any outfit to 007 level of style. The Gatorz sunglasses can be an ordinary jeans and a T-shirt look, and the carrier seems to be the kind of man who can effortlessly perform James Bond type stunts.

And that is because you can — and professional warriors do. These shades are very designed to perform in the most extreme conditions in the most extreme activities.


These shades don’t just look fantastic, they also perform exceptionally. They are simply the best on the market.

You may have caught their iconic look in the popular Navy SEAL movies and TV shows. In real life, fighters from the america’s most elite forces – not just Seals – wear them to do everything from jumping out of airplanes in to grab a couple of beers on the beach with friends.

The Magnum, Wraptor and Boxster are three of the top classics. The digi-camouflage is a great new color option, and this holiday season, Gatorz has a limited special edition “Storm Trooper” shade.

The prices will vary. The Magnum, for example, starts at $160.


Don’t forget to accessorize with a Tomahawk

(Gerber Gear )

The Gerber Gear Downrange Tomahawk is not only ideal for the warriors, it is also an excellent gift for any man who loves the outdoors.

Does it manlier than a Tomahawk? I don’t think so.


Sure, this is a prestige object, but it is also such as the giving of three heavy-duty machines in one: an axe, a hammer and a crowbar..

The Downrange Tomahawk easy traveling with him on an outdoor adventure. For example, it will effortlessly fit in a backpack to the backcountry hunting with the boys — and you can better believe, when the Tomahawk comes, he will be the envy of all his friends.

The Downrange Tomahawk is designed for warriors to rely on in dangerous missions, so the quality of this gift is of the highest caliber.

Available for $179.00.

Tactical Jeans


5.11 has applied his mastery of the tactical clothing for the building of the ideal tactical jeans.

The Defender Flex Straight Jean the best fitting jeans he’s ever owned. Right out of the box of the gift, these jeans feel lovely to wear.


There was a lot of demand for jeans in secret work where operators need to blend in the environments of the city. The nation is best need jeans that looks great, but is designed to help them on missions.

5.11 listened and responded with an instant hit that the men carry out the job. She soon became the favourite jeans for off-duty.

The Defenders have been carefully designed with pockets tailor-made for tactical essentials such as magazines, knives, and lights.

They’ve also created a special bending of the material that makes them better suited for “runnin and gunnin” for work – but also means they are extra comfortable and durable.

Available for $69.99.

Downrange-to-Date Night Ultimate Belt

(Ares Gear)

Belts are a traditional gift, but let’s face it, belts are boring.

Not the Aegis. This is a band that the men will be excited to see under the christmas tree.


Made by Ares Gear fully in the united states, the Aegis is the ultimate belt. It delivers the performance and reliability needed for dangerous missions in war zones, but with a classic look that will earn compliments about date night.

This is the band of choice for those in the know. It is ideal for carry weapons. In one way or another Ares gear has managed to make this ultra-comfortable, while strong and rigid enough to support the weight of the weapon disappear and create a balanced feeling.

Made of a special scuba equipment, the handling of holsters, guns and mags with ease.

There are many imitations, but no one has anywhere close to the excellent design and the quality of the materials.

The Aegis belt is supplied in three different colours with a fantastic beadblasted 304L stainless steel buckle. With a little bit of Christmas magic, you can also receive a serialized buckle that means that it is one of the first batches of each engraving design.

Available for $94.99.

A unique, custom-made timepiece

(Resco Instruments)

In a 007 world, it can be said that men are judged by the watch they wear.

The gift of a Resco Instruments watch signals that the wearer is a man ‘ s man of distinction. A man must know. The nature of the man with the adventures certainly worth hearing over a beer.

Just as the men who wear Resco watches, each watch, with the hand-call, it is singular.

The back-story? An active duty Navy SEAL founded the company to create timepieces that dominate “downrange to the center.’

The watches are ultra-high performance for the demands of a Navy SEAL ‘ s “office” and working day — as in stealthy recon or demolitions deep underwater on secret missions. The GEN1 PATRIOT and MANU are two fantastic options.

All Resco watches are with excellent design and exceptional craftsmanship. They possess, smart and sexy features like a black-out matte lume dial, black DLC finish and a subtle shimmer grey hands.

Each model hits it out of the park. This is an investment piece with timeless good looks, that will be passed down to future generations.

The GEN1 PATRIOT starts at $2,295.00, and the MANUS at $985.00.


The building of a Secret Mission-Ready Body


Your gift recipients stay mission-ready with a TRX Suspension Trainer. This gift is an entire gym in one and a gym you can take anywhere and use at any time.

Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick designed the outstanding, ultra-slim system in order to provide maximum training during the journey the world performing covert missions.

He created the TRX training tools with the help of his expertise, honed by 14 years of experience as a Squadron Commander at the SEAL Teams’ elite special missions unit.

There are a lot of options, but an excellent choice is the TRX Tactical move in less than a minute.

Ideal for tactical professionals and sportsmen, this is also a fantastic gift for anyone who is looking to hone their body and become more powerful.

The TRX Tactical is their strongest and most robust, and it is on great sale now for a bargain at $185.95.

Allison Barrie is a defense specialist with experience in more than 70 countries, who recommends the highest level of defence and national security, a lawyer with four postgraduate degrees, and author of the definitive guide, Future Weapons: Access Granted, to purchase, in 30 countries. Barrie hosts the new hit podcast “Tactical Talk”, where she gives listeners a direct access to the most fascinating of the Special Operations warriors each week and to learn more about the FOX Firepower host and columnist, click here or follow her on Twitter @allison_barrie and Instagram @allisonbarriehq.


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