6 months later, 49 were killed at Pulse nightclub massacre to be commemorated in Orlando

In this June 12, 2016 file photo, law enforcement officials work on the Pulse gay night club in Orlando, Fla., after a massive shooting.

(AP Photo/Chris O’meara)

ORLANDO, Florida. – Family, friends, and relatives of the Orlando nightclub massacre early Monday stood outside Pulse where candles were lit behind the stars with the names of each of the 49 clients who were killed in the six-month anniversary of the worst mass shooting in modern AMERICAN history.

They embraced each other outside of the shutters for the gay club, and at 2:02 pm, the exact time shooter, Omar Mateen started shooting in the club, a moment of silence was held. They then read the names of each of the deceased clients.

Many wore black and others wore rainbow-colored “Orlando United” T-shirts and baseball caps.

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Dozens of others were seriously injured during the June 12 massacre.

“The time really flies,” said Orlando Torres, who, hidden in the bathroom when the shooting started. “It was very sad and very touching.”

The early morning memorial was closed to the public and the media, and Torres spoke with journalists afterwards.

Two other services were held in Orlando for the Pulse of the victims later in the day.

The ports around the Wrist were open in the evening, once again, this time for a public commemoration. Another service was scheduled in the evening at the Orange County Regional History Center.

After the service, the history center was the opening of an exhibition of digital photographs by Orlando’s response to the mass shooting. Tens of thousands of central Florida residents memorial service attended for the Pulse of the victims in the days after the massacre, and the rainbow flags hung over the metro area to support the gay community.

Mateen, who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, was killed in a shootout with the SWAT team members, after a three-hour stand-off. The FBI is still investigating the massacre.

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