5 pearls in the Ardennes

The Ardennes are always a surprise. Over an hour’s drive from Brussels, you will already be immersed in the green. If you empty your mind in the pristine nature and relax like a reborn man!

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Lacs d’eau d’heure: get back on the water

The lake area around the Eau d’heure, a river in Namur and Hainaut, is downright enchanting, and consists of nearly 600 lakes in an area of 1800 ha. Revel in the splendor of the region and explore the area on foot or by bike along the many signposted paths.

Do you want to know more about the local fauna and flora? Discover the thematic walks or book a guide that you with pleasure of inaugurating in the secrets of the Land of the Valleys. Then there is also the dam to the more “Ry de Rome”. That is worth a visit. The views there are breathtaking!

Las on time and was a relaxing break in one of the numerous picnic areas. Sometimes you can even make use of a barbecue!

High Fens, where nature is the ruler

Direction Cantons this time. The High Fens are of a nature reserve that is located on 4500 ha extends. Of all the natural beauty that the Ardennes has to offer, occupy the High Fens in terms of originality, is undeniably the first place.

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Once in the High Fens you should definitely stop at the Signal de Botrange, the highest point of Belgium at 694 meters above sea level jutting out.

More to the north is the lake of the Gileppe. The dam, its monumental lion is impressive and is one of the oldest in Europe.

For a breathtaking panorama and a spicy meal you take in the Belvedèretoren the elevator. He brings you to a glass platform and a restaurant where you find a unique and a wonderful 360°-view on the Gileppe dam, the lake, the dam and the beautiful Hertogenwald.

Natagorapad: search, observe and experience the nature

Aubel is the next stop. Go to the permanent nature trail with many information panels.

But what can you expect? You walk through the meadows and cross several times the Berwinne. On your way is under more an orchard planted with apple trees and perelaars of old varieties.

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This natural, peaceful and bucolic context, in the middle of the green, makes all the stress disappear. Breathe deeply and feel the energy through your body flow. Here, you return to the essence of life. Stadstumult? What is that?

A zenwandeling to the Ninglinspo

Ninglinspo in Remouchamps. Even the name speaks to the imagination. The great valley of the Ninglinspo, a river in the province of Liège is still fairly unprecedented.

It is a romantic place in the actual meaning of the word: mysterious, desolate, and downright fantastic.

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The lapping of the water, the large rocks, everything shines here, zen. This hike lends itself perfectly to relaxation and meditation.

The waterfall and the baths of Diana are a charming place to relax and get away for a little while.

The authentic charm of the beautiful Walloon villages

Wallonia is dotted with beautiful, authentic villages where time has stopped. Villages that you certainly must have seen his Chardeneux, located on the southern flank of a slope, and Crupet with its old buildings from the period between the 16th and the 19th century.

Chardeneux © Mark Rossignol

In this beautiful Walloon villages , you learn to let go. You lose any notion of time and the hectic life is far behind you. Unwind and dream away to the beautiful facades and the gorgeous scenery of these villages.

Crupet © Mark Rossignol

Gun you finally a visit to the local market. It makes this unique and authentic experience complete!

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