Treatments for Bronchitis

5 Natural Treatments for Bronchitis

When the bronchial tree within the lungs is infected severely to the point of being inflamed and producing large quantities of mucus, the resultant medical condition is known as bronchitis. In most cases it is described as being viral in nature but sometimes it is attributed to bacterial and fungal germs as well. A bronchial infection may be acute or chronic and while the former can be treated within a couple of weeks, the latter takes a long time to be cured and at times may be incurable as well.

As soon as the bronchitis symptoms manifest themselves, the first reaction is to consult a physician and commence the treatment. However, apart from medications, natural cures have been found to be equally effective in combating this disease and alleviating the persistent coughing. Some of the cures which can be undertaken at home are –

• Eucalyptus oil – Using eucalyptus oil to cure bronchitis is a universal remedy because it has the ability to melt the phlegm and cause its expulsion from the lungs. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways in which this oil can be inhaled into the inflamed lungs and relief is quick to follow. Another natural substance which can provide the same result is cayenne pepper – it has the ability to provide immediate relief to the victim by breaking the congestion.

• Tea – This beverage brewed with ginger and garlic is an effective remedy against bronchial infection and can control coughing to a great extent if sipped three to four times during the day. Alternatively herbal brews prepared from various herbs like creosote bush and pleurisy root are known to cure not just bronchitis but other respiratory diseases as well. One of the best ways to clear the congestion is to prepare a brew with coltsfoot and it works by stimulating the microscopic hairs which line the mucus. A direct consequence is that the passageways are cleared of mucus and the spasm-causing protein is also suppressed.

• Epsom salt bath – A patient of acute bronchitis is recommended to dissolve two-three pounds of Epsom salt in lukewarm water and soak in it for an hour or so. If taken at night as the last thing before retiring to bed, it is believed to be most effective and should be repeated as frequently as every alternate day.

• Garlic – Garlic is not just a curative against bronchitis but preventive as well courtesy of its being laden with anti-virus and anti-bacterial chemicals. Due to its natural ability to fight this condition, it should be included in the diet as much as possible so that its positive attributes could be capitalized upon. Some of the ways of having garlic are salad, pasta, with vegetables or simply eaten raw.

• Other natural remedies – Vitamin C, turmeric and oregano leaves are some of the other natural elements which are effective against bronchitis. While vitamin C can be acquired through citrus fruits and supplements, powdered turmeric can be had by dissolving a couple of teaspoonfuls in milk and oregano leaves can be converted into juice to facilitate ease of consumption.

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