5 Makeup Colors that Work for Everyone

5 Makeup Colors that Work for Everyone

As you flip through your favorite magazine, you notice that a few different celebs are all sporting a new eyeshadow color or bold lipstick. “I want to try that too!” you think to yourself.

Unfortunately, when you finally get to the makeup counter, the bold color you had your heart set on makes you look washed out. There are so many makeup colors that only look attractive on one skin type or with a particular eye color.

That’s why you should learn five of the most flattering makeup colors that will make any girl look like a million bucks.

1. Mac lipstick in “Mocha”: Pinkish browns act as a wonderful neutral lipstick color for every girl. You’ll add definition to your lips without overpowering the rest of you. This shade is also excellent for making thin lips look more plump. Many women opt for red lipstick to reshape their upper lip if it’s too thin, but this can look super fake and painted on. A pink-brown, like Mac’s “Mocha,” will let you create a “new” lip and still look natural.

2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in “Grandma”: Believe it or not, bright coral pink will look good on anyone’s lips. For a bold look, apply two layers to both lips. For a more subtle appearance, dot a bit in the center of your lips and blend.

3. Blue eyeshadow: I know what you’re thinking: either that blue eyeshadow went out with the 70s or that it’s only for pale skinned girls. Dark electric blue eyeshadow, however, complements every skin tone. To wear this color, pack a lot of it just on your eyelid. You want a smooth finish and you don’t want to blend it out from your eyelid. It shouldn’t be allover electric blue, but instead concentrated. Or, you can dab it on as an eyeliner or just in the corners of your eyes for a pop of color.

4. Coral orange blush: The key to looking good in this color is to only wear it on your cheeks. If you’re wearing coral blush, skip coral gloss in the same shade. You can, however, coordinate, just choose a different shade and boldness for your lips. Fair skinned girls should pick a coral orange with pink undertones. Olive skinned girls should brush on tangerine with a large makeup brush to get allover color. For dark skin, opt for a bright orange coral.

5. Mac eye kohl in “Teddy”: Every woman has black eyeliner in their makeup bag. This doesn’t have to be your only go-to shade, though. Plus, black liners with blue undertones don’t necessarily look good one everyone. Dark chocolate liner, on the other hand, flatters every skin, hair and eye color. Some chocolate brown eyeliners have a bit of red in them, though, which you want to avoid. While reddish-brown eyeliner looks good on some people, it’s not for everyone. Apply chocolate brown liner just to your upper lashline. For a nighttime look, smudge it out a bit.

Cindi Lewis writes for a skin care and beauty products online retailer.

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