5 key take-aways from the Müller report-summary in Russia, investigation

nearvideo-attorney General William Barr releases letter summarizes Müller ‘ s report, no collusion found

In a letter published on Sunday, attorney General William Barr, the “main findings” of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation of President Trump, his 2016 campaign, and allegations of collusion with Russia.

The four-page letter to the top Democrats and Republicans in the house of representatives and the Senate judiciary Committee, offered important insights into the nearly two-year long investigation, the results of which were transmitted, the Ministry of justice on Friday.


If the probe is not collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

Mueller’s investigation “does not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone connected with him, conspired or coordinated” with the Russians has been working on these hacking efforts “to support in spite of several offers from the Russian-associated persons, the Trump campaign,” Barr explained in detail in his letter

Video insufficient evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice

The attorney General said that the special Council conducted a “thorough factual investigation” of whether Trump may interfere with justice. Müller ‘ s office, but “not intended to be a traditional prosecutorial decision.”

The special counsel “not to draw a conclusion”, what constitutes obstruction of justice, according to Barr’s letter.


Smith “recognized” that the lack of evidence that Trump was involved in the cheating, would undercut any disability that would depend on showing a corrupt intent by the President. The study notes that, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it is also does not relieve him.”

Muller’s office handed the responsibility to determine “whether the behavior described in the report of a crime” to the attorney general’s office.

The Russian efforts to influence the election

The investigation revealed that “there were two main Russian efforts to influence the election of 2016,” Barr’s letter said. The try came from a Russian organization and the Russian government.

The first attempt of meddling in the election was developed by the Russian group, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), “implementing a policy of disinformation and social media activities in the United States, to sow social discord, and, ultimately, with the aim of with the choice.”


In addition, the special counsel’s office found that the Russian government is trying, the “code of conduct computer hacking operations for the collection and dissemination of information serves to influence the elections.”

The investigators found that “Russian-state actors, succesfully hacked into computers and receive E-Mails from persons used in connection with the Clinton campaign and Democratic party organizations, and the public, the materials through various means, including WikiLeaks.”

A total of 26 Russian state were entrusted to relatives, and three Russian companies, in connection to the investigation.

Müller referred to “other current Affairs” to other Federal offices

Barr said that the special counsel ‘ s designated office “other current Affairs”, “other offices” in Washington, DC, “for further action,” even though Mueller does not recommend further indictments. Barr adds that the timeline for the processing of the report, “depends in part on how quickly the Department the information cannot be released to be able to identify” publicly and legally, before he determined to go to the public.

Thousands of subpoenas issued during the investigation

Muller’s office “issued more than 2,800 citations” and running to almost 500 search guarantees during the entire period of the investigation, which lasted almost two years.

The office “received more than 230 orders for the communication records issued nearly 50 orders authorizing the use of pen Register, 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed about 500 witnesses” during the probe.

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