5.5 million US dollars in improper Medicaid payments to dead in Texas

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GOP bill to slash growth in Medicaid spending

Committee for a Responsible Federal budget President Maya Macguineas, weighs in on cuts to Medicaid spending in a revised Senate GOP bill.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission paid to managed care organizations $5,521,704 in Medicaid payments after a beneficiary died after an audit by the Department of health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

According to the report, a payment, the payment is one that the state makes to a contractor for each beneficiary for medical services that are enrolled under the state plan. This payment is made regardless of whether or not the recipient receives services during this period.

“The state Agency conducts monthly reviews of payment of payments and beneficiary eligibility, to identify and recover improper payments after a beneficiary’s death,” the report explains. “We compared observed data from the death, in the Texas Medicaid eligibility system or the state Bureau of Vital Statistics records [Social Security Administration]’to confirm date of death if the SSA were the data of death correctly.”

While the auditors noted to identify that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s efforts to recover improper payments, it was always died to around 5.5 million US dollars payment payments to beneficiaries. The state was able to recover over $3.75 million of these payments, but approximately $had not been identified 1.77 million Euro in payments and / or restored.

“We have found that 107 of 174 deceased beneficiary, or 61 percent, had said the payments over one year after the date of death,” auditor.

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