4 indicted in West Virginia a judge, difficulties

This combination of photos of the West Virginia state Supreme Court justices, from left, Margaret worker, Allen Loughry, Robin Davis, and Beth Walker, the face of historical studies in the West Virginia Senate from next month.


Historical studies in the West Virginia Senate from next month for the four accused, judge of the Supreme court were in accordance with the last-ditch efforts to the elimination of the charges against some of them rejected.

The state Senate voted to reject 19-15 Tuesday, a resolution that would have charges, called an indictment, against Robin Davis, the retired cast, shortly after the house of delegates indicted her last month.

The vote came after the President of the Senate, Mitch Carmichael was a separate resolution, the censorship, the throw judges Beth Walker and Margaret workers, instead of, on impeachment trials out of order. The resolution, which would have allowed them to keep their seats on the court.

Trial dates were for Oct. 1 for Walker, Oct. 15 for workers, Oct. 29 for Davis and Nov. 15 for suspended justice Allen Loughry.

Of the 34 Senate, to serve as a jury, and some members of the house of delegates as state prosecutors. A conviction means a justice holding would be disqualified from public office.

Democratic legislators, the minorities in the house and the Senate, the impeachments an unprecedented takeover by the GOP.

The impeachments resulted from questions, the renovation of the judge in the offices. Each of the office expenditure, by the administrations for renovation included $503,000, of Davis, $367,000 of Loughry, $131,000 of Walker and $113,000 by workers.

These questions developed into the allegation of corruption, incompetence and neglect of duty.

The proposed censorship of consultation with the house Manager had announced Tuesday.

Ohio County Republican Sen. Ryan Ferns opposed, to approve a resolution, the agreement, saying it was too early to make a decision without hearing any evidence. After a short conference, Carmichael agreed.

Under the proposal, Walker and craftsmen would have assumed responsibility for the cost of the renovation of their offices and continued reforms for the improvement of judicial administration. The agreement, Walker said, and workers “have publicly confirmed that the revised policies and practices to the rebuilding of public confidence” in the court.

Workers, attorney, Ben Bailey, said the Senate agreement was in the interest of all parties.

But Ferns said it was out of sight of the public and the media, and “would not be a step in the direction of a restoration of the faith” in the court.

Loughry, who was arrested in June, was the only justice at the hearing on Tuesday. A 25-count Federal indictment against him claims that he lied repeatedly to his office for personal gain. His Federal trial is for Oct. 2.

A fifth justice Menis Ketchum, resigned in July and pleaded guilty last month to a felony count of fraud in connection with his personal use of a state vehicle and gas tank map. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

The slopes of Ketchum and Davis out of the court, a deadline for the judges to step down or away, meant it would be decided on the replacement, by the voters, not gubernatorial appointments. A special election will be held in November to fill their unexpired terms. If the Senate convicts other administrations, Gov. Jim Justice would be the replacement.

The last time the West Virginia legislature engaged in how this was in 1989, when the state Treasurer A. James Manchin was arraigned by the house after the state lost $279 million Euro invested in the bond market. He stepped in front of the Senate, the prosecution took to measure.

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