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Some people think that they are immune to cyber-criminals. “I’m not even on the radar,” they think. What are the chances that I have targeted? It’s not like I’m famous or have zillions of dollars.”

Well, let me tell you a cautionary tale of A man named Bob was recently called to my national radio and tv shows. He is the owner of a Homeland Security consulting company and he’s about as well-informed about the precautions when a person can be. For the work, and Bob was using a Yahoo Small Business account, and that he needed to upgrade his service.

His instincts were correct. It was a well-documented, the Yahoo breach, so Bob was doing his due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and the update of the software. Tap or click to find out more about Yahoo’s security breach.

He’s had a couple of questions, do a Google search for the Yahoo’s small business help line and called. Little did he know, the number listed is not for Yahoo, tech support for all of them. Scammers have found a way to push their fake piece to the top of a Google search, and Bob was tempted to try to make a convincing-sounding technician. If the person on the other end of the line asked for his login details, including password and address, and he didn’t question the request. In fact, Bob called out to them.

The person on the help line informed Bob that his account had been hacked, “as we speak.” But when they offered to fix the problem, due to the sale of a $645 a firewall package, and that can only be purchased from the Google Play-Money – Bob is hung up, and shut everything off, including Wi-Fi internet access included.

When he started, Bob discovered a new ransomware on the hard drive, which will not allow him or her to have access to everything on the computer. He took the machine and some of the experts who broke through and eliminate a lot of manual intervention. The entire charade will cost $210, plus a bruised ego.

Yahoo is not the only one to fall victim to these scams. Facebook has recently had to contend with a fake phone number is available, that promises to be a lot of social media users. Tap or click to find out more about Facebook fake phone number is available to the story.

In short, the cyber-criminals are so sophisticated that they can even fool the professionals. While I am sorry that Bob had to experience this first-hand, and he was kind enough to share his story with you, and there are several great lessons to be learned.

1. To be able to help you to get it in the right way

I know it’s the world’s most powerful search-engine will need to be able to weed out any potential drawbacks, but that’s not how it works. Hackers are brilliant at gaming the system, and they are just waiting for someone to find a fake id and make a call.

In a way, Bob was the lucky one. Tap or click to read the story of a woman who has lost her entire bank account, because they are familiar with the number, she said.

The truth is, it is, tech support for a company like Yahoo usually do not have a simple 800 number. They would have to field thousands and thousands, or even millions, of calls a day. Instead, they mostly correspond through e-mail or via live chat.

So, if you have an issue at all, it is to be suspected. At the very least, reverse search, phone number search, via Google or any search engine and search for reported scams. Or better yet, use a tool made for the job. Tap or click to go to the 5 tools, in order to search for a phone number online.

2. Check and double-check

One of Bob’s opponents have used a common scare tactic: It was to ensure that his computer had been hacked, and that he must act quickly before any more damage was done. Desperate to fix the problem, Bob, it was only to be skeptical when they are asked to make a special kind of payment in Google Play Dollars.

Bob’s computer was hacked, as he would have liked to have been given the law with the login information. For a lot of online services, and other similar information, will be given regularly in order to confirm the identity of the customer.

Bob learned his lesson, He has to make sure that the person on the other end, it is the real thing. This can be difficult if the law is convincing as the actors who seem to know what they are talking about.

3. Also, be wary when called the tech support to call you

In the same way that tech companies don’t tend to give you the hotline; they will never call you back. Unless you have scheduled an appointment, or to ask for help with a specific problem, the tech companies have been far too busy to provide you with a free consultation.

A lot of people don’t realize this, and they have fallen for a scam. A good example of this is a result of the discussions, which apparently came from Microsoft, but is actually a phishing activity.

4. If you do a lot of manual intervention, don’t worry

Bob, don’t know how much damage the hackers caused it, and the experience made him feel violated. But don’t forget, cyber crime has been a full-time job, and the rewards can be great, therefore, the professional hackers have been aggressive and manipulative. Some of the largest companies in the world, Equifax, and Yahoo – have been in vain.

Bob did not have to fork over the money. A lot of manual intervention, it is scary, but he’s brought his computer in to the experts, and the problem is solved. Panicking will only make the problem worse. So, learning from this experience is to Remain calm and to continue with it.

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