$4 AirPods, robocalls to end, you can delete the vehicle data, and more-Tech Q&A

You can robocalls can be stopped?

$4 AirPods

Q: I’ve heard you say that it is possible to make up to $200 AirPods in the home for about $4. How do I do that?”

A: it is A smart 15-year-old young man, I bought a wireless bone conduction headset from eBay. This type of headphone will vibrate against the skull, to translate the sound into your ear and it will work. As soon as he received his award in an e-mail, and he cut the parts, and dismantled are the basic headphones for use. If you know how to solder and have the desire, then click here to see the steps he used to create his own AirPods for $4.

The Secret Shopper Scam

Q: My wife was asked to be at Walgreen’s the secret shopper’s club, and we found out later that it was a scam. Have you ever heard of this scam? How does it work?

A: I hope you didn’t lose any money in this racket, and then there was the evidence to be reported to the proper authorities. Don’t forget, you may feel silly, but these people are crooks and need to be found and prosecuted. To answer your question, yes, I’ve heard of secret shopping scams. Just be careful of all the secret shopping action, which promises to be a serious achievements. In the meantime, there are a lot of other scam-mosquito precautions that you can take online. Tap or click here for a list of the things you should never do that online.

Remove Any Car Info

Q: I just bought a used car and the previous owner’s personal info appears on the display. I can see her contacts and her phone number. How do I delete it?

A: If you have to my national radio show with any regularity, you already know to wipe the data from a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet computer or a printer before you can sell it or trade it in. But, as cars are fast becoming computers on wheels, and they have a huge bank of personal information. More than that, your playlists, and phone numbers of any vehicle, it can also contain navigation data, and your phone number and your contacts. Thus, it is noble of you to remove it from the other person’s contact details as soon as possible. Then click on remove data from a car in front of you.

This file photo shows a cable box on top of the tv. AP photo

Cord-Cutting-Real Talk

Q: are you anti or pro to cut the cord? How do you feel about ditching cable?

A: The short answer is this: I want what’s best for you. This is likely to be different for each individual and for the family. If you are into streaming video, and are willing to invest the time and effort, so cutting the cord isn’t that much of a big deal to me. If you have a traditional cable and don’t see any reason to change it, just don’t do it. This is an exciting time for me, because there are more options than ever before, but it’s also confusing, because the services are evolving so quickly, and sometimes we get carried away. As a blogger who just recently accused me of anti-cord-cutting. This is not the case by any means, but his comment deserved a response. Tap or click to see the latest in our cord-cutting debate.

Robocall Rebellion

Q: My father keeps a written log of robocalls, and when he completes a page, it will send them to you. I told him that it would be a waste of time. So, what would you ask him / her to do so?

A: In a way, you’re right: If he was in the recording of the robocall numbers, and he is likely to be in a position to block it and report it. This is also a good time to get back to the fight, such as the mobile phone companies are finally getting around to cracking down on robocalls. At the same time, he was able to walk into the common trap because many of the robocallers are using non-listed numbers, and that can’t be easily blocked. This is also the time and date are irrelevant, as they are hard to track down. Also, don’t forget that many of the calls that come in from other countries, so it is difficult to determine which agencies to contact. In short, your dad has the right idea, but you can only get him so far. We’ll have to see what the big carriers do in the next few years. Tap or click in order to find out what the bearers are, after all, to do about robocalls.

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