36th edition of the Dutch Film Festival starts with The Hero

36th edition of the Dutch Film Festival starts with The Hero

Photo: NFF

In Utrecht, on Wednesday the 36th edition of the Dutch Film Festival started with the premiere of the Dutch film The Hero in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

To Friday 30 september 92 movies in premiere and there are 321 impressions on the program, including documentaries, series and feature films.

The festival is in addition to an event where Dutch professionals come together also accessible for visitors. Last year, the event attracted some 150,000 people.

The opening film of this year is The Hero, based on the eponymous book by Jessica Durlacher. The in 2010 published a book, the Side Litertatuurprijs got, tells the story of a jewish family that is being harassed by someone from their past.

Monic Hendrickx

In the film, Monic Hendrickx, Daan Schuurmans, Susan Visser and Fedja van Huêt the lead roles. The film is directed by Menno Meyjes (The Reunion Dinner).

“It is an important theme. It is a story that not enough can be told (..) It is a honor to the film festival to be open,” says Van Huet against

That the film is a contrast with the festive opening of the Dutch film festival gives also a writer Durlacher. “But I didn’t have long to think about it to this film during the Dutch film festival in the premiere to let go. (..) Finally, you write to communicate, otherwise, what is the purpose?”

That is also an actor Monic Hendrickx. “You must film to celebrate, even if the film is about real life. Real life is just not always fun, it can be very oppressive and that we should not all go to deny. There are also a lot of romantic comedies made, but this is also created.”

Dutch Film Festival 2016

The structure of the Dutch Film Festival.

A Golden Calf. These are at the end of the Dutch Film Festival award.

A scene from ‘The Hero’, the opening film of this year.
© Martijn van Gelder

Fedja van Huêt with his wife, Karina Smulders on the red carpet.

Jennifer Hoffman on the red carpet.

Elise Schaap on the red carpet.

Freek Bartels on the red carpet.

Bracha van Doesburgh on the red carpet.

Abbey Hoes on the red carpet.

Daan Schuurmans on the red carpet.

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Actress Susan Visser finds it exciting that The Hero will be the opening film. “Because the whole of the Dutch film industry is present, and that audience is the most critical audience you can have. But I am very proud of the film, so I make me there not very much to worry about.”

Of Huet observes that the Dutch film a bloom is going through. “That you feel. And I think that is also very nice. There is a lot to it and offers also opportunities. If you see where you need to cast and all on-demand services that you opportunities give. That is even less.”


Vivienne van den Assem will find that the prejudices that people have about the Dutch films are obsolete. “These are people who for a long time already not a very nice Dutch film have been.”

Jelka van Houten thinks that people are still the image lives that there are a lot of nude in the Dutch film is. “It is still a sort of cultural heritage which goes with it. Right? But that seems to be less.”


Susan Visser is the quality of the Dutch movies high. “I find that you really can’t arrive with the argument:” I think it’s a good movie… for a Dutch movie. I think that we should agree that we no longer are going to do.”

Daan Schuurmans think the time is past where people thought that your “by definition” is not a Dutch film had to look. “That is old. There is definitely a catching up. But let the beautiful years with Verhoeven not forgotten.”

Golden Calves

Traditionally, at the end of the Film Festival, the Golden Calves festive ceremony will take place in the Beatrix Theatre. Among others, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Fedja van Huêt, Thekla Reuten, Hannah Hoekstra the chance to win a statuette.

The gala is presented by Herman van der Zandt. The ceremony on Friday 30 september will be broadcast live on NPO3.

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