’35 years and older underestimate risk of heart attacks’

’35 years and older underestimate risk of heart attacks’

More than 70 percent of the Dutch population aged 35 years and older incorrectly believe that atherosclerosis cure. The consequences of the disorder are, however, irreversible.

Atherosclerosis is a slow and invisible process in the blood vessels that causes the arteries continue to narrow. It is the main cause of a heart attack, but almost no one knows that the calcification is already in the youth begins, according to the foundation Tuesday.

The majority of the 35-year olds know that the condition of blood vessels backward, but though 38 percent are not concerned as long as there are no complaints. One in seven is aware of the risks, but do not live a extra healthy. Reports that the heart foundation.

Most of them increased the risk by, for example, high blood pressure, overweight or because they smoke. “A heart attack strikes in many cases unexpectedly. About half of the people who suddenly get a stroke, had no clear symptoms,” says Floris Italianer, director of the heart foundation.


According to the heart foundation, people would on the one hand, awareness of the risks, by, inter alia, from the forty-year-old every year, the blood pressure and cholesterol checked. It is also of great importance that doctors, vasoconstriction, and especially the risk of it, previously able to establish.

People with an increased risk in a timely manner with the right medicine or treatment. Each year approximately 30,000 people are affected by a heart attack and almost 46,000 by a stroke.

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