30 lentefrisse salads for a healthy lentestart

Fresh salads are always good. And even with the nice weather coming up. Check out our 30 tasteful suggestions. Quick and simple to inventive. With avocado, salmon, lentils, pasta, melon, chicken, quinoa, mango, fish: there is something for everyone. Tasty.

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A simple groentenmengeling to inventive salad with avocado, melon, fish, cheese or palm hearts: fresh salads are always good. As a starter. But with adjustment of the quantities in the following selection, they can also be as a snack or light lunch to be served. 30 suggestions for you to feast on.

These recipes are just the beginning: who is it, will undoubtedly the jitters and experiments with other ingredients. Go ahead!!!

The recipe: Meloensalade with feta

The recipe: Meloensalade with red currants and mozzarella

The recipe: pasta salad with zucchini and cherry tomatoes

The recipe: Courgettesalade with dragonvinaigrette

The recipe: Ceviche (Mexican fish salad with avocado)

The recipe: pasta salad with romanesco and walnuts

The recipe: Colored vlinderpasta the Italian way

The recipe: Mixed green salad with semi-soft boiled eggs

The recipe: Greek salad

The recipe: pasta salad with fish, corn and grapes

The recipe: Meloenmedley with feta and mint

The recipe: Quinoasalade with tofu and olives

The recipe: Linzensalade with peppers and geitenkaastoastjes

The recipe: carrot salad with orange, avocado and reblochon

The recipe: Gravlax with salad of carrot, apple and ginger

The recipe: pasta salad with artichokes and radicchio

The recipe: Salad with roquefort and perensorbet

The recipe: pasta salad with porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts in crispy tortillas

The recipe: Carpaccio of melon with bacon, pears and figs

The recipe: Multicolored tomato salad with avocado and cheese

The recipe: Salad of livers and maagjes with spinach and garden cress

The recipe: Fresh salad with smoked salmon and tiger shrimps in a appelmandje

The recipe: Smoked duck breast with apple and walnuts

The recipe: salad of white beans with smoked halibut

The recipe: Rice salad with mussels and avocado

The recipe: Artichokes the Italian way

The recipe: Salad with roquefort and perensorbet

The recipe: Smoked chicken salad with corn, celery and pineapple

The recipe: herb Salad with quail eggs

The recipe: Grilled calamari with lemon and salad


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