3 WFH essential security tips to keep hackers and scammers

A Hacker attack on the internet

If COVID-19 will take the world by storm, and that employers and institutions are urging their employees to stay at home. Social distance has been proven to reduce the rate of infection. At the time of the Slack, FaceTime, and G-Suite, teleworking is a good option.

Work from home in the preparation process. I’ve put together a comprehensive how-to WFH article is also related to the children, to stay at home from school. Tap or click here for ways to collaborate with co-workers, and the use of the free remote control tools offered by Google, Microsoft, LogMeIn, and others. You can also find the steps to turn on parental controls on Apple, Windows, and chrome os.

The pandemic will not stop the online criminal activity. Hackers, thieves, and crooks, are still in full force and effect. Large organisations routinely provide training for their members in the cybersecurity strategies and the company’s laptops and software and a built-in firewall, Vpn and two-factor authentication. At home, you can end up on any of IT, at the top of your game.

1. Watch out for calls from people you know

As you probably already know to check if an e-mail and texts asking for sensitive information such as passwords and user account details. Attachments, and wanted to be left in your system up to malware, key loggers, and even more. Now, to add to this list the following is a very realistic imitation of the voice of a representative of a company that you are familiar with.

Voice notes is a new threat on the horizon. The Wall Street Journal has reported a problem with a CEO who thought he was on the phone with his boss, who asked him to make the transfer of $243,000 from a supplier, urgently. It sounded like his boss, so why would he deliberately disobey him? He didn’t want to, and the money is gone.

An artificial intelligence technology that has only five minutes of a person’s voice to do it. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to use the tools, either. You can just type in what you want the voice to say it and it’s done.

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2. Make sure that your house gear, and set-up

You will need a router, a firewall, a modem, and there are probably a number of wireless access points in your home. Have you ever had to update the firmware on any of it because you have it installed? I don’t think so.

You will need to work with your laptop or desktop pc operating system is upgraded, you’ll want to double-check your equipment, encryption, firewall, and DNS settings. The good news is, you can do it yourself. The bad news is that it only takes an hour or more. In order to find out how to optimize your network to keep hackers away, then click here and follow the steps in my detailed instructions.

The use of a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your connection. A VPN provides a layer of protection between your devices and the internet. Hide your IP address and location. Also, it encrypts (scrambles) your information after you leave your unit, go to every web site you visit.

There are lots of free Vpns available, but they can slow down the speed of your internet connection and gathering your personal information. I have used ExpressVPN for a number of years, because it doesn’t do anything of the kind. Tap or click here for more information on Vpns and how they work.

Some of the digital learning goals of a higher priority than all of your passwords, which are typically stored in your web browser. Instead of keeping track of all of your passwords down or store them in a place where a cybercriminal can easily hack it to use a password manager such as Keepass, LastPass, or Roboform.

3. Find out who is looking

If you are logged in to your work computer from your home, everyone in the office can see what you’re doing, unless you take additional steps. To turn off the monitor, it is a simple solution to this. Otherwise, your remote-access software settings and preferences, such as “Blank screen” or “in the Black screen.

Most likely you will have a piece of black tape or a post-it note on the webcam, so no-one can take a look. When it comes time to make a video call, apart from the removal of the low-tech security measure, then take one more step.

Maybe you’re a stand-up board, with any confidential information at your desk. Or, maybe you just haven’t had the time to clean up the place. Skype allows you to blur the background to make a call. Move the mouse pointer over the video button, and select the one you use to Blur my backgrounds. In order to blur the background for all the discussions, click on your Profile Picture, Settings, Audio, and Video, and turn on the switch next to the option to Fade in my background, for all of the phone calls.

One more thing

It’s also a good idea, whether you’re at the office or at home, to keep your lock screen on your notebook or desktop computer when you are finished or taking a break. Here’s how to do it.

Mac: Press the Shift, Command and Q keys at the same time

In Windows, Press the Ctrl, Alt, Delete and select log off

Chrome: In the bottom right corner, and then select the period of time, and then click log off.

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