3 reasons to block your number before making a call

Kim Komando explains whey you will need your phone number to dial.

A Show of hands. Do you answer calls from numbers you don’t know? I am also not an option. Sure, it could be something major, but it’s probably just spam.

We answer the robocalls will lead to more of them. If you are out and sat, then click here to read about an app that will automatically sues robocallers, at your own expense to the tune of $3,000 a pop.

Worse still, the mystery of the call to be a good hacker, link, tech smarts, with a complex social engineering. And that makes it scary-SIM-swap arrangements so as to be effective. Tap or click to find out how you can protect yourself from this growing threat.

There is a simple way to cut down on the spam calls, and to fend off hackers to Block your number on outgoing calls. Here’s how to do it.

1. To block your phone number when you call back a number you don’t recognize

How often does it do for you? A strange conversation is going on, and the person (or bot) on the other side of the line, it does not leave a message. One of your credit card to your doctor, even an annoying robocaller behind-the-back, which is a string of numbers.

To ensure that the call is to be missing out on potentially valuable information, but you don’t want to spark yet more unknown phone calls.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution, you can try on almost any phone that you own, including land lines. All you have to do is dial *67then the number you wish to call and tap the call button. In a telephone call *67 followed by the number you want to call it.

That’s all it takes. Now, the recipient will only see “Blocked” or “Private” instead of your number on the caller ID.

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2. To block your phone number in order to opt out of the ‘call’

You may have answered, or even returned calls robocallers and spammers a couple of times. Well, here’s the bad news: You’re number one on the list, or have a lot of them right now. These lists show the robocallers that your number is active and will lead to an increase in the number of calls.

However, In many cases, these companies are earning extra money through the sale of the phone numbers that they have encountered during the conduct of their business.”

So what can you do for me? Please Contact your service provider or the telephone provider to have your number placed on a “do not call” list.

For outgoing calls, but there is also another method that you can use to try to protect your number from prying eyes. This is going to be a little bit deeper into the core of the operating system of your phone and block your number permanently on any type of caller-ID. Don’t worry, it’s not on a permanent basis. You can use your phone number at a time, and if you choose not to.

On iOS, go to your phone Settings and scroll down until you see the Phone option. Tap, tap, and then select Show my Caller ID. Here, you’ll see a toggle switch in the On position by default. Turn it Off in order to hide your number, it’s a good one.

On Android, open the Phone app and tap the three-dot icon near the search bar. Click the drop-down menu that appears, select the Settings, followed by phone Calls. Then tap on additional Settings, then Caller ID. In the pop-up menu that appears, select the one you use to Hide the Number of the error number on the Caller ID.

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3. To block your phone number online in order to keep your telephone number out of the hands of hackers

One of the greatest risks to the share of the number of online is not out of robocalls. In general, it is simply annoying and scammy, but hackers are a unique and ongoing threat for all sorts of personal information.

One of the most serious and the most frequent phishing e-in fact, it’s going to have the ability to steal, it is a legitimate phone number and is using it to sign up for the service, or to take it up on your phone bill.

You can even see the hackers to reverse-engineer to your phone number to harass you at work or at home. Criminals can pose as your number to hide their true identity while they attack other people, call.

Instead of having to type in your phone number on an old online form, use a different one. VoIP services use the internet to relay the audio. Google Voice is especially helpful, as it allows you to choose from a number of different from your own, which you can use to access the online applications.

Also, keep in mind, you have to give your real phone number to get Google to sign up for the service. Tap or click here to see the 4 of Google’s security features, you have to be to take advantage of it.

To sign up for Google Voice and download the Google Voice app for iOS or Android. The program will walk you through the steps for setting it up, and you’ll need to link your Google account to continue. If you don’t have one, you will be prompted to create one within the app.

If your account is linked, you can select a Google Voice number. You can enter a zip code or city to find a number that feels right to you, it’s for privacy, pick one with a different area code than your own.

Once you’ve selected a number, Google will text you a code to verify your account. And that’s it!!! Are you ready to get started with sharing your number, no need to share your number.

Make the most out of your new Google Voice number. Tap or click here for 5 ways you can use it to make phone calls, or messages, will be easier.

No matter how smart you are defensive, some are a hacker, or a cheater, you will probably beat it. If it doesn’t, they’re working on it. In the end, we’re better off giving them nothing to work with.

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