3.4 million Venezuelans have fled for economic and humanitarian crisis

The number of Venezuelans who are from the homeland, have left because of the economic and humanitarian crisis has risen to 3.4 million, turns out Friday from calculations of the refugee organisation of the United Nations (UNHCR) and the international organization for migration (IOM).

According to the latest data, approximately 2.7 million Venezuelans to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean fled, including the Antilles.

Colombia captures most of the displaced persons: 1.1 million. Then follows Peru with over a half a million Venezuelans.

In 2018, left each day, on average, approximately five thousand people of Venezuela on the search for a better life. The left-wing government of president Nicolás Maduro offers no views.

“The countries in the region have a great solidarity shown with the refugees and migrants, and ingenious solutions found to help them”, says Eduardo Stein, special representative of UNHCR-IOM for Venezuela.

“But these figures also underline the burden for the hosts, and the continuing necessity of support by the international community.”

Problems with the delivery of relief supplies

The situation in the South American country ran last month further out of hand, after the new parliament speaker and opposition leader Juan Guaidó himself interim president, and then by several countries was recognized.

Multiple countries and aid agencies have Guaidó supplies offered, but who come to the country is not. Tons of food and medicine are still in the Colombian border with Venezuela.

Maduro also opposes the import of the goods, because he sees it as a precursor to foreign military intervention. He has, for that reason the boundaries with the ABC islands and Colombia closed. It has already been a bridge between Colombia and Venezuela blocked for the help.

Do accept the controversial president relief from ally Russia. Maduro declares that these goods by Venezuela itself be paid.


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