28 outstanding original coffee shops in Flanders and Brussels

Fancy a delicious espresso, double latte, cappuccino, or coffee? That can be in one of these coffee shops, which are distinguished by their excellent range, original formula or the personal approach. Of Kortrijk, past Ghent and Antwerp to Brussels.

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Coffee and the way we drink it is highly subject to trends. In the new culture, take the long-cherished barista to take a step back and presents a new generation of coffee shops that are distinguished by the plus that with your cup of consolation.

The craft industry is more than ever central to all steps of the coffee process is a lot of attention and new methods, such as slow drip and cold brew, to be used to the dark moisture away in your cup. But in addition, harvesting also coffee shops that offer something extra – for example, cats can cuddle, or where your books can read and buy, or clothes, or jewelry… – widely success. Also the vintage fixtures with Berlin influences and rommelmarktdesign are in demand.

Also notable is the terugeer to the safe, old time: after the years of hip espresso, flavored cappuccino’s and macchiato’s, grandma’s filter coffee back on the table. True lovers opt for freshly ground coffee beans and clean, and the coffee grinder from the attic.

And, of course, are the better coffee shops are also always worth a mention. All of these matters in Flanders and Brussels are distinguished by their original formula, personal approach, excellent map. The selection is a small selection from the wide range (and in random order).


1. Tea slow – LE CAFE DU SABLON

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François Lafontaine has with his Brussels coffee houses Coffee Company (rue du midi) and Café de la Presse (behind the avenue Louise), his experience in coffee nation earned. Recently he opened to the place du grand Sablon , Le Café du Sablon, where he responds to the demand for coffee. The décor is up to date with Scandinavian vintage accents, the sidewalk terrace offers a view on the church and there are newspapers and wi-fi is available. In one of the corners is a minibranderij. The koffierepertoire mentions classics such as cappuccino, espresso, americano, macchiato, etc., but also fashionable coffees like the super turtle mokanut with caramel, hazelnut, nougat, milk and whipped cream. For the coffee is a hundred percent Arabica Single Origin from Honduras, Guatemala or Ethiopia. He can in various ways be put (V60, Chemex, AeroPress, siphon). For the hungry there are sandwiches, salads, cakes, cookies.

Le Cafe du Sablon: rue de la régence 26, Brussels 1000. 02 503 39 99. Daily from 7: 30 until 20 you.

2. Coffee exotic, AKSUM

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For the citizens of the world, there is Aksum, an Ethiopian coffee house in Brussels, run by two… Finns. The ceiling is decorated with colorful frescoes, on the walls, African art and sounds of African music. Whether you choose an espresso or a mild caffè latte, the coffee here is always a bit different than we are. The ‘originekoffies’ of bioteelt, they are ground in a Mazzermolen and set with a classic Marzoccomachine. In Aksum, you can scents and tastes to discover varieties as harar, limu, yirgacheffe and shakiso. In addition to coffee, there is also herbal tea from Senegal, healthy baobabdrankjes, soft drinks from the Ivory coast, wine from South Africa and beer from Ethiopia. The baristas organize on request typical koffieceremonies.

Aksum: Spoormakersstraat 60, 1000 Brussels. 02 5112304. Open from 10 to 19 you.


3. Coffee with their own beans MUG

Mug is a microbranderij-cum-shop and bar. Owners Jens Crabbé and Nicky Ruttens choose their beans and to burn his own hand, making them a unique offering on the menu.

Diestsestraat 165, Leuven. 0495 31 67 18.


Leuven is not flooded with coffee shops. But quality takes precedence over quantity, they know for Noir. On this unique place has a casual atmosphere and you can from the comfortable nestelhoekjes enjoy a comprehensive map. The largest part of the koffieaanbod is on the basis of espressoshots, but also a slowcoffee – coffee in grandmothers’ way, let’s say – you can have a tasting. The ideal stop-over while shopping. Also give the cake a chance!

Practical: Naamsestraat 49, Leuven, Belgium.


4. Coffee with respect for the grower – CAFE LABATH

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Thomas Labath is a psychologist by training, and was changed almost four years of occupation. Initially, his plans to a coffee shop to open in howls of derision welcomed, because Thomas was just coffee lover and had no horecaervaring. He went into the leather in Caffènation in Antwerp. Thomas got there in the spell of the coffee culture that he decided to make his own coffee house all in-house. The beans he buys himself, on the spot, with coffee farmers in Colombia that small-scale cultivation, and which he, out of respect for their hard work, and a better price. The first zelfgeselecteerde coffee is now within. The burn happens in its own roasting plant in Hansbeke. Thomas wants later a training institute open above the coffee house, where he students full koffieverhaal want to tell.

Café Labath: Oude Houtlei 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. 09 2252825.

5. Tea bike water BOTTLE

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Bar water Bottle is a trendy bar on the corner of the Bisdomkaai and the Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat, where coffee and cycling brands Pashley, Cooper and Tokyobike will be sold. Owner Annelies Browaeys comes from the fashion industry. She was well experienced for a Belgian clothing brand, was much in the file and fantasized long about a snazzy coffee bar with an additional function. She was inspired in the London fietsbar Look mum, no hands. Annelies cycle a lot and is a fan of retro and old racing bikes. Therefore, she created in a former pumping station to a place where the coziness of a vintage environment is linked to quality coffee, made with beans from roasting ovens Or, and to the sale of bicycles and bicycle accessories. Annelies followed a baristaopleiding. Bar Bottle is also a place for a slow brew of the day, for breakfast and lunch.

Bottle: Coffee & Bicycle, Bisdomkaai 25, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. 0495 247697.

6. Store, music, coffee and vinyl – CONSOULING SOUNDS

Consouling Sounds in Ghent is a mix of a record label, shop, coffee shop and muziekagentschap. Boss Mike Keirsbilck is a doctor in Literature. Consouling began in 2008 as a record label for experimental music in the form of a non-profit, and has been since the beginning of 2014 and is active as a sole proprietorship and declared to be a starter of the Year 2014. The coffee shop is a tool for visitors to become acquainted with music, to meet each other, and plates to sell.

Baudelostraat 13, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. 0496 776843.

7. Coffee and art – GALLERY GANACHE

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“The taste of art – the art of taste” is the motto of the Ghent Galerie Ganache. In the space, exhibiting artists, and you can enjoy the Belgian premium chocolate, coffee, tea or homemade chocolate milk. The coffee is burned by Thomas Labath.

Locks 14, 9000 Ghent, Belgium. 0499 976148.

8. Coffee roasting and espresso bar – OR

The microbranderij Or with koffietrainingscentrum (Westrem), workshops, and coffee shops and bars in Gent, sint-jans-molenbeek and Brussels was on the right track by Tom Janssen and Katrien Pauwels. The team behind Or attracts to different coffee countries in search of plantations and farmers that their philosophy to share.

Walpoortstraat 26, Gent. 0475 974694.

9. The Supermarket

For incomprehensible reasons, succeed the most breakfast – and lunchadresjes to also quality coffee to attach to their concept. The Supermarket chef Kobe Asparagus throws that unfortunate tendency to overthrow. In this cosy property is your traditional slice of sourdough bread accompanied by a creamy latte or a nuanced espresso.

Practical: Guldenspoorstraat 29, Gent.

10. Gustaf

Gustaf is perhaps one of the smallest coffee shops in Flanders, but is not notable from this list. Owner, Xavier takes for every coffee and every customer the time. From this cosy cottage, you walk not unhappy, nor anonymous outside.

Practical: Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 45, Ghent, Belgium. Closed on Sunday.


11. King Kong

That it is possible to be around your forties your life a complete overhaul and a daring plunge, it proves to be candid torque of this fun-busy espresso bar. With a giant King Kong head on the wall and wasmachinetrommels as lampshades, breathes the property a trendy atmosphere. And the coffee you get in that setting? That is impeccable.

Practical: Maastrichterstraat 58, Hasselt.

For me!

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12. Coffee and attributes – VIVA SARA

Viva Sara has been in existence since 1987 and is a fixed value for coffee lovers. In the large building at the City Market you can enjoy tea set of self-burned beans. You are on the right place for coffee attributes. There is also a Viva Sara Barista Academy. And tea-lovers can take a dip in the wide range of exceptional teas from gardens around the world.

Grote Markt 33, Kortrijk. 056 217270.


13. Vero Caffè

At Vero Caffè is the essence of coffee. It is not always easy for a properly prepared cappuccino in a tourist area. In a cappuccino, hear no bucket of whipped cream. Here they have understood that things can be different. Thank You, Vero Caffè!

Sint-Jansplein 9, Bruges.


14. The Smith Family

This cosy topzaak with charming interior to the Mijnplein was during the most recent Hospitality Awards, voted best coffee shop of the country. Fans of delicious trays of consolation, prepared and served according to the rules of the art, and a day trip to Oostende, plan, know where. A suggestion: the kokoslimoentje, a coffee on the basis of lime, cocoa and coconut milk.

Rue Des Capucins, 2, 8400 Oostende


15. Coffee ‘chantant’- V-BAR

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Between the Antwerp Grote Markt and the Scheldt opened V-Bar, an upscale brasserie that products attach it to an old-fashioned sense of hospitality. You can visit the whole day for a delicious coffee, breakfast or simple dishes such as salad with burrata or pluma de Iberico (fine pork). The design of Isabel Miquel Arques is cozy-luxurious, with patinated leather seats, a marble bar, a library on the first floor and a chef’s table in the vaulted cellar. There is also a place made for art (poetry, painting…) and every Thursday night there is a stage for young musicians. V-Bar is a concept from the Belgian premium coffee brand Vascobelo.

V-bar: Suikerrui 32, 2000 Antwerp. 03 808 41 06.

16. Coffee with book – BUCHBAR

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Actress Kim Hertogs loves the creative atmosphere of major cities such as New York or Berlin. Concept stores are already established. Therefore, opened Kim in Antwerp its own concept bookshop. In Buchbar you will find a select range of less mundane work – special koffietafelboeken, texts, classics, such as the work of the French poet Rimbaud, Kim lievelingsromans… One of her favorites is Suddenly deep in the forest by Amos Oz, a fairy tale for children and adults. You can also quietly enjoy a nice cup of tea, a soup, a piece of pie, organic juices, or natural wine. The coffee comes from Normo (Minderbroedersrui) where Jens Oris themselves are green beans lights up.

BUCHBAR puts the emphasis on good coffee and a nice selection to be less commonplace books. You will find there special koffietafelboeken, Kim lievelingsromans and old classics, such as the work of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Not immediately ‘hot’, but too good to be in a vergeethoekje to make them disappear. Also theaterboeken and poetry will get you in the BUCHBAR bookcases find. So, Kim dozens of texts press, all of which are available to purchase at BUCHBAR. The menu is at least as important as the books. No unknowns in the Antwerp foodiegebeuren are Jens Oris from Normocoffeeroasters and Wouter De Bakker of Terrovin. They are responsible for topkoffie and carefully selected natuurwijnen. Juices are organic or homemade) and also the soups and cakes are prepared at home. Buchbar works with seasonal and local produce.

© Michel Vaerewijck

BUCHBAR puts the emphasis on good coffee and a nice selection to be less commonplace books. You will find there special koffietafelboeken, Kim lievelingsromans and old classics, such as the work of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Not immediately ‘hot’, but too good to be in a vergeethoekje to make them disappear. Also theaterboeken and poetry will get you in the BUCHBAR bookcases find. So, Kim dozens of texts press, all of which are available to purchase at BUCHBAR. The menu is at least as important as the books. No unknowns in the Antwerp foodiegebeuren are Jens Oris from Normocoffeeroasters and Wouter De Bakker of Terrovin. They are responsible for topkoffie and carefully selected natuurwijnen. Juices are organic or homemade) and also the soups and cakes are prepared at home. Buchbar works with seasonal and local produce.

Buchbar, Scheldestraat 79, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Wednesday is ‘filterdag’. There is placing a sound-blocking reading room to relax.

17. Coffee and a chat – COFFEE CR

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In Coffee CR you drink coffee with Sabine Hermans behind the U-shaped bar counter. That means a carefully brewed cup of comfort and a personal approach. Tea you drink, according to Sabine, such as wine, pure, without milk and without the biscuit. For her, the coffee bean one of the most difficult products there are, because they are, once burned, many tastes and smells to record. Also, the crema must be perfect. Sabine works in her coffee shop love together with Belgians who, like her, are passionate about a product and prefer since generations are doing. That include: Cuperus Coffee from Deurne, the products of theesommelier Ann Van Steenkiste, biosappen of The Three Willows from Nijlen and natuurwijnen of Château Castigno in the Languedoc, in which she helps with the picking.

Coffee CR: Kronenburgstraat 17a, 2000 Antwerp, belgium. 0477 724034.

18. Coffee with art – FAT CAT

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Koffiebarhoudster Isabelle Malka by its customers carried on hands. They love her because she is so sweet, they admire her because she is during her chemotherapy treatment has for breast cancer, just continue to work. Everyone loves her perfect cup of consolation, and of her delicious ‘bokes’. The name of the coffee shop, The Fat Cat, refers to Isabelles ‘housecat’. The case consists of several living rooms with stairs are connected with each other. In addition to a cosy clutter you will find art that you can buy. The coffee comes from the coffee shop with huisbranderij Caffènation in the Mechelsestraat, and that is a guarantee for quality.

Coffee Shop The Fat Cat: Kasteelpleinstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. 0498 660433.

19. Coffee with Flammkuchen – KAFFEENINI

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Globetrotster Annick Strynckx went to Rome for her master’s degree in fashion and publiciteitsfotografie and learned there drinking coffee. On stage in Berlin she came into contact with popular and trendy coffee houses in vintage style and discovered that she had the Flammkuchen. Back in Antwerp opened Annick coffee shop Barnini at the theatre on the ‘bird market’ (Oudevaartplaaats 10). It was a shot in the rose: Barnini grew to be a popular place to be for young and slightly less young. Annick revealed himself as an entrepreneur and opened november 2014 in the fashion district, its second coffee shop: Kaffeenini. From the first day has a ‘feel at home’. That’s because recycled material is used for the decoration. You can enjoy breakfast, read a newspaper or have lunch with dikbelegde fresh bagels. Specialty is Flammkuchen, a kind of thin German pizza, which is briefly baked at a high temperature.

Kaffeenini: Nationalestraat 114, 2000 Antwerp. 03 231 83 57.

20. Coffee with a mission COFFEEHOUSE KOFFIEKLAP

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For a fair coffee and fair opportunities there is a coffee shop Koffieklap. The vzw operates from a welcoming location and works closely with Cherut, the foundation’s street work and assistance in the prostitutiemilieu grants. Koffieklap captures women from the skippers ‘ quarter to the outskirts of society work. Women who leave the profession steps in the coffee shop their first do the job, to this shelter start a new life. The coffee shop and the locally organized activities (sewing together, quilting, knitting, crocheting, embroidery or jewelry making) are led by volunteers and the proceeds is intended for Cherut. The cup of consolation is brewed from the beans of coffee roasting Or. In addition, we serve daily fresh soup, tea and cakes.

Coffee House Koffieklap: Klapdorp 41, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. 03 77068 37.

21. Tea and knitting – MAURICE coffee shop

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Actress/singer/presenter and an avid knitter Véronique Leysen opened in the heart of Antwerp, in the Boerentoren, a new pop-upkoffiebar, just like its popular knitwear label, named for grandpa, Maurice. For delicious coffee, cake and knitwear in New York-inspired atmosphere.

Maurice Coffee Shop Boerentoren : Schoenmarkt 35, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Until August 2015.

22. Specialty coffees – CAFFE MUNDI

Tom Helsen and Isabelle Van Echelpoel at the Antwerp Grote Markt a koffiezaak with its own roasting facility. In Caffe Mundi , you can go for a bowl of comfort made from freshly roasted kwaliteitsbonen, are produced in special microclimates.

Old Stock Exchange 24, Antwerp.

23. Coffee experience – CAFFENATION

Caffènation is a concept in the coffee world. The coffee shop opened in 2003 and later moved to a larger building. The pleasant-casual atmosphere came along, just as the sandwich is pastrami and the ultimate cup of coffee.

Mechelsesteenweg 16, Antwerp. 03 6897013.

24. Coffee comme chez soi – NORMO

Barista Jens Oris left Bar Choq with his koffiegereedschap and opened a bit further coffee shop Normo, a ‘thuiskomplek’ high woonkamergevoel. The coffees are made from green beans that are locally roasted.

Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerp. 0495 65 72 43.

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25. Broer Bretel

Between the historic docks and locks of the Antwerp Island, you can more than four years, contact Brother Bretel. ‘Foodperfectionist’ Show Craen and his brothers prove there why they have their entry in The New York Times vrdienden. Slurp on the sunny terrace to a homemade iced tea geïnfuseerd with apple, venkelbloesems and parsley or tuck yourself in one of the comfortable seats with an expertly prepared espresso or filter coffee. Also the personal contact between barista and customer is a highlight of the jolly brothers.

Practical: Nassaustraat 7, Antwerp.

26. Colonel Coffee

It goes well with Colonel Coffee, and rightly so. The espresso bar on the Vlasmarkt meant for a long time a warm haven in the busy city centre, a place where you have to rest a bit. Last year marched the Colonel to a more spacious building on the Troonplaats. It is a coffee shop with an international character in a popular neighborhood. Enjoy excellent espressobereidingen and artisan pastries in a bright, spacious environment.

Practical: Montignystraat 51, Antwerp.


27. Kaffee-Ine

Known and hip Mechels address for the better espresso, but also coffee (slow, bleed through ” coffee with light roasted coffee beans) and the inevitable latte and cappucino are absolute highlights. Most popular cup of consolation on the extensive menu: the ‘cappucino Hollywood’, on the basis of caramel and maltesers. Eye-catcher in the cosy vintage interior is artful, wooden counter-element, with relief, where the owner, Yves, according to the rules of the art controls. The fine music in the background is always taken into account.

Kaffee-Ine, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 6


28. Tea and jewelry – CREME DE LA CREMA

Cynthia Jacobs and her husband Michael Of de Moortel each have their own passion and live it out under one roof in Crème de la Crema. Cynthia is a silversmith and designs of contemporary jewellery, Michael is as a barista in the ban of coffee. The building has two entrances: one for the coffee shop and a second door for the juwelengalerie. Michael presents a private huisblend, which is compiled by the craft of coffee roasting Donko’s.

H. Consciencestraat 70, 8800 Roeselare, 051 204 941.


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