25 summer seafood: delicious and easy to prepare.

Also in summer temperatures, deserves fish a place on the board. These simple recipes will bring you – with a nice glass of wine – right in the holiday spirit.

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Fish is packed with vitamins and should be in the kitchen to be treated with respect. If you are fresh, has almost every type of fish are ideal season. Not only is the taste good and the price is the lowest, fish to buy at the right time is also good for the sustainability of the fish stock in our seas.

Summer is the season of the flatfish, in contrast to some fish mongers want you to believe. Fresh zeetiong is at its best in July and August. They are the thickest, and they have no spawn in the abdomen. Most of the flatfish, such as sole, brill, turbot, plaice and halibut live on the seabed. In the summer the water is the warmest, there is the most of the plankton and the shrimp are at their thickest.

Also shrimp and mussels are in this period of the year at their best, as well as traditional fish species from the Mediterranean Sea, such as octopus and squid, although more and more in the North sea are to be caught.

Fish shines in the most varied of preparation, as an appetizer or main course. This 25 not to difficult suggestions may coming weeks not be missing in your plate. Preferably consume with a nice glass of wine. Tasty.


Stir fried squid with red chili and guacamole

Stuffed squid with potato-peterseliepuree

Toast shrimp

Mussels with coconut, curry, apple and red peppers

Garnaalslaatje with cauliflower and olijfoliedressing

Fried squid with onions, bell peppers and croutons

Stew of cuttlefish with red wine, tomato and peas

Main courses

Fried fish in breadcrumbs with radish, lettuce and mustard dressing

Fried fish in breadcrumbs and potatoes with green beans

Shrimp with poached eggs and mashed potatoes

Turbot with melted lettuce, peas and pancetta

Turbot with watercress and mashed potatoes

Turbot with morel and cream

In olive oil confit of halibut with marinated cucumber

Baked lemon sole with samphire and tartare sauce

Filets of dabsole with auberginekaviaar and onion

Sole Véronique

Sole on the Ostend way

Rolls of common sole with blanched leeks and white butter sauce

Stew of monkfish with shallot and tomato sauce

Zeeduivelgebraad with lentils and bacon

Baked brill with sun-dried tomatoes

Baked brill with cauliflower and sauce vierge

Fricassee of halibut with a mushroom sauce

Mussels with cream, spring onions and tomatoes


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