25 festive entrees (if you’re in a hurry)

Not make sense to a lot of work to put in the starter? These 25 recipes are all faster than you might think.

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Ravioli with spinach, duxelles of mushrooms and kreeftenschuim

Pumpkin soup with dooierzwammen and candied chestnuts

Saint-jakobsnoten with camembertsabayon and koraaltoastjes

Risotto with camembert and black truffle

Bloemkoolroomsoep with roquefort

Lobster with avocado and sesame-sinaasappelsiroop

Beef with foie gras, dried figs and nuts

High of green asparagus with smoked salmon

Grilled oysters with cidersabayon

Krabbuideltjes with sweet potato

Lobster with champagnesabayon and pink pepper

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Slightly more labour-intensive

Zalmtaart with mango, crab and chili

Aardappelrösti with St. Jakobsnoten

Pastilla with staartvis and prawns

Soup of porcini mushrooms with griesmeelknoedels


Broth with parmezaanknoedels

Kreeftenbisque with Grand Marnier

Savoury Pie with guinea fowl and apples

Terrine of smoked trout

Zalmterrine with broccoli and dried fruit

Terrine of foie gras with smoked eel and perencoulis

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