24h in Adults: from vegan ice cream to vintage shopping

The seventh district of Vienna, Neubau, is worth a visit. For lovers of vintage, vegan ice cream, fair fashion, books and record stores and a creative atmosphere is Neubau without a doubt the seventh heaven of Vienna.

Neubau © LP

Neubau eyewear took us on a trip through the neighbourhood that is the heart of the team behind the fashionable brand of spectacles pumping. They vernoemden their label is not for nothing to the seventh district of Vienna. Neubau is sometimes compared to the district of Friedrichshain in Berlin. A comparison that we also have to be within your lap during the tour. Thanks to its majestic buildings, which, incidentally, is in good condition, has Neubau also what road of Paris.

Also, read our interview with Daniel Liktor, brand manager of Neubau

The seventh district is the mecca of creative minds and progressive thinkers. There is a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to stroll. On the border between the city center and Neubau are located in the MuseumsQuartier, where kunstminners eyes will come. Not only you will find here 60,000 m2 of art, it is also a neighborhood where good food and drink, see and be seen.

Vienna is not cheap, and the shops, bars and restaurants in Neubau beg about to enter. So keep the finger on the cut until you land in Vienna and then decided pede to Neubau.

Roof of the 25hrs Hotel © Philipp Lipiarski

25 hrs Hotel

“We are all mad here’ is the motto of the 25hrs Hotel in Vienna. In a former student residence provides this design for a cheerful and elegant note in the landscape. The theme of the décor is ‘circus’ and the roof terrace has a breathtaking view. It is the ideal base for the Neubau district.

Here you can discover the tips that we got during our 24-hour long stay in the Neubau district have collected.

The view © LP


In Marktwirtschaft is not only the organic restaurant die Liebe, but also a shop where you organic and sustainable products you can buy. They love it not for the food, but also design is offered. So you’ll also find the Vienna upcycling brand Gabarage, that all of the hip was to upcyclen did. Stroll certainly would around, enjoy a drink or snack and let you impress by the beautiful, durable range.

The terrace of die Liebe © Philipp Lipiarski

Of Salatpiraten

People who work in the city live, has not always the place for a private garden. The Salatpiraten beat, therefore, the hands together for this community garden. Everything they grow is edible and organically grown. On the roofs of neighboring buildings are hives with very happy bees: that can, after all, their stomach around the food in the kitchen-garden. Take a look and let you inspire by these stadstuiniers.

The community garden of the Salatpiraten © Philipp Lipiarski


Vegan ice cream is certainly not always good, but at Veganista they succeed in creating such a nice ice cream to make, that you just roomijsje but banal’ll find after the tests. We went there two times in two days and are deeply saddening that in our home town, no similar variation is found. To thumbs and fingers-licking good!

Veganista © Philipp Lipiarski

Uppers & Downers

Neubau is bursting with exciting concept stores. At Uppers & Downers you can find great vintagevondsten, bizarre design, international magazines and fanzines, nice cards, and funny odors. Currently, it is the first location for a Neubau pop-up store.


Shakkei may be a Japanese sound, it is a through and through Austrian brand. Unique to this brand is that Shakkei sustainable clothing for businesswomen and -men offers. Because even in a professional context, you should have the ability to be in responsible clothing your job to be able to exercise. In addition to this USP has Gabriel also glamorous avondkledij in the range. Click here to read our interview with designer Gabriel Baradee.

Gabriel Baradee © Philipp Lipiarski


The restaurant Erich is very cosy situated and has a very tasty card. Vegetarians and vegans come on here enough with their draw. During a sunny day, the terrace of Erich is the ideal break for a lunch, but on gray days, it is a must because of the stylish interior.

Erich © Erich


At LeBurger, you can eat the best burgers in Vienna. Ideal for meat lovers, but the vegetarian range is so broad, that even with a group of vegetarians with a burger should taste. This burgerrestaurant as plus some delicious and unique sauces.

© Philipp Lipiarski

Margaret & Hermione

In vienna, they are already on the sustainable modetrein jumped. In Shakkei shopten we business wear and an evening gown, but a sustainable air can also come in handy. Enter the beautiful Austrian swimwearmerk Margaret & Hermione, that they sell at Sight of Vienna. The designers come up with the most beautiful prints in Vienna and let the swimwear manufacture in Europe, with sustainable materials.

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