2020 The Sestak takes his long-shot bid step-by-step

Retired Admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania – a very long-shot contender for the democratic presidential nomination, the width of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH on Oct. 18, 2019

MANCHESTER, NH-Joe Sestak is a very long and uphill March to win the democratic presidential nomination – but this is exactly what the retired three-star U.S. Navy admiral and former two-term Congressman from Pennsylvania, to do – under his difficult journey one step at a time.

Sestak was in June, the second-to-last Democratic candidate race, the leap into the year 2020, the White house, was far from the limelight, as he runs a bare-bones campaign, mostly in Iowa and New Hampshire

Retired Admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania – a very long-shot contender for the democratic presidential nomination, the width of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH on Oct. 18, 2019

But Sestak is hoping that his week-long walk across the width of New Hampshire from the Vermont border to the Atlantic ocean – will make him more visible for the voters in the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White house.


“This is an independent-minded state, the Granite State. It is wide open to some. And I think I’ll go,” Sestak told Fox News on Friday. “I have to be physically in front of you and in the air, and that is why we do the walk and that is why the ad’s up,”

The display he refers to is a commercial, running on local broadcast and cable TV during his hike.

Sestak says that he has to stop “to take everywhere with people…It’s a great learning experience.”

How does he stop in roadside cafes or restaurants – to “go for a coffee and chat with someone” – he notes that “a person, you are lucky if I sit down and just go…The response is fantastic. I’m not just saying that.”


This is not the first time, Sestak has been taken to walk the streets as he runs for office. He moved on to Pennsylvania in the year 2014, during his second unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate.

But he said that the “original idea” came from Pulitzer prize-winning, decades-old book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

“We read to our daughter. And Atticus says to his daughter Scout, the repetitions in the book, ” you may not know is that a man, until he explained in his shoes and walk around in them,'” as the book described.

Sestak’s long-shot bid to grab a lot of national attention, but he is optimistic and does not realize it is frustrating, “because I really believe that there is a good chance.”

And as he does so often, Sestak marked race and his come from behind primary victory over incumbent sen. Arlen Specter in the 2010 democratic Senate nomination.

And he stressed that “we have enough (campaign cash) go further, and we will continue to be in full operation well into the next year.

Sestak is far from qualifying for the Democratic presidential primary debates. He came to the Democratic National Committee for the use of fundraising as one of the two threshold values in order to qualify for the debates.

“Once you start to use money as an indicator for the support, it hurts the system. And the Democrats should be to support, not measured by money,” he highlighted.

Sestak is walking at a brisk pace, on average, the hikes of 3.5 to 3.7 miles per hour. A car with a support assistant or two, the tweet and post video of the journey along the way is always within a mile or two of the candidates.

It is a non-traditional journey. Sestak is often stop down and jump in the support vehicle for an event, or a campaign stop or two before you return to the place, where he finished his journey, so he can resume his journey. And every evening, he returns to a house in the South of New Hampshire, where he stays with friends.

Sestak completed his journey on Sunday along the Harbor in the coastal town of Portsmouth.


“I’m going to talk about national security as I was standing right there, on the harbour, looks to the East,” he explained. “This is where I sailed on the combat in a ship, and I’m going to talk about how we really need today is someone to understand, with breadth and depth of global experience, how this world needs to be led by America.”

Sestak told Fox News that it was “not lonely” on his walk. He explained that he is “a lot of time to think.”

But the highlighting of the dangers of Hiking on the Granite State, he noted that he stay awake on the trip.

“You get in fairly narrow roads with heavy trucks going by. No sidewalks,” he said.

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