2020 Democrats-slam-Barr about Russia handling, reports Mueller call to testify

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It is hard to believe that attorney General Bill Barr would be that it says far out on a limb on its conclusions, if it is not secured, in the sides of the Muller report, “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier.

The democratic presidential candidates turn their rage against state attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday, has blasted the law enforcement chief ‘ s handling of Special Counsel Robert Müller Russia report, including the press conference, Barr held moments before you give the report free.

Many of the 2020 White house hopefuls accused Barr of mounting a defense of the Republican presidents from potentially harmful disclosure in the Mueller report.


A Democratic presidential candidate, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, went a step further: the appeal to Barr to withdraw.

“The attorney General represents the United States, or he can be Donald Trump’s defense attorney. He can’t be both. And as we saw at this press conference today, the way that he incorrectly Müller interpreted the report, he is at pains to Donald Trump. He should resign,” Swalwell told Fox News. “We need an attorney General who has credibility with the American people.”

Swalwell, who sits on the house Intelligence Committee, argued that the report spotlights “the glaring weaknesses in our democracy”, by “the fact that so many Russians were able to come so close, a campaign, a transition, and management.”

And Swalwell stressed that “it is now the Congress has the task of holding the President responsible, and investigate these Mueller report and listen to the first of Müller.”

Four of Swalwell higher-profile rivals for the democratic nomination – Sens. Kamala Harris, of California, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York – all quickly Müller called to testify before Congress.

“Barr is more like Trump’s defense attorney as the nation’s attorney General. His press conference was a stunt, filled with political spin and propaganda,” Harris wrote on Twitter.

“The Americans deserve the unvarnished truth. We need advice on how to Muller to testify publicly in Congress.”

Klobuchar said in a video, “we want to hear from Director Mueller himself. To witness, Director Mueller should come before the Judiciary Committee that I sit on.”‘

“He should be able to give us his own views of what happened here, so we can answer questions. He is the one who carried out this important investigation, and he is not attorney General Barr that should answer the questions of America,” the senator added.

Booker echoed these calls, said on Twitter, “Mueller, you need to witness before the Senate judiciary Committee as soon as possible. Congress & the American people need to hear directly from the person who submitted the report.”

And Gillibrand, on Twitter, for the above-mentioned Version of the full, unredacted report.

“The Senate should hold public hearings on the investigation, with key witnesses and Müller witnesses his findings. And Congress will give the full, unredacted report”, calls you.

Other Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, also took aim at Barr.

“It’s a shame to see, Attorney-General, as if he wrote the personal attorney and publicist for the President of the United States,” you on Twitter.

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