2020 Democratic candidates gang up on Beto in the first debate

in the vicinityVideoBeto O’rourke rolls out of the $5 trillion plan to combat climate change

The 2020 Democrat hopeful commitments to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

MIAMI-More of the Democrats running for President, found a common goal, on the debate stage in Miami on Wednesday: Beto O’rourke.

The first, New York City, Bill de Blasio sparred with O ‘ Rourke – the former Texas Congressman, in the race to great fanfare, saw that his poll decline – about his support for private health insurance.


The spat began when the NBC anchor Holt Lester asked O’rourke whether he is for the replacement of private health insurance. According to O ‘ answered interrupted Rourke: “no,” de Blasio not to say, “private insurance for millions of Americans.”

Another candidate, former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, then, interrupted to say, “I think we are the party that keeps what works and fixes what is broken.”

In another place, the O’rourke’s fellow Texan, the former HUD Secretary Julian Castro – who has been struggling to get attention in the race so far is the hit of the former Congressman for not supporting the decriminalization of illegal crossing of the border.

Like the split-screen O showed’rourke and Castro and forth, Castro said, “I think you should do your homework on this topic. If you have done your homework on this issue you would know that we, the repeal of this section.”

O’rourke, for his part, tried to distinguish itself from its competitors by answering some questions in Spanish.

In the spin room after the debate, O’rourke’s campaign, he is the target of de Blasio and Castro, it was argued, because they him as a threat – or as a surrogate Gina Hinojosa said see, “he is the leader.”

“I think the Beto also deal by saying to the American public, other than mingling with the other people on the stage,” Hinojosa Fox News.

The attacks on O’Rouke came when some of the candidates, like de Blasio, tremendous beam power, accept for the left positions.

“I want to make it clear: this is supposedly the party of working people,” de Blasio said during the debate. “Yes, we are, in fact, for the 70 percent tax rate for the rich.”

The mayor of New York, who has struggled to gain traction in the polls, called for the party to embrace other left-wing proposals. It comes amid the rising popularity in the party for the socialist proposals, such as “Medicare for all” and the “Green New Deal.”

“Yes, we are actually for school, free public school for our young people. We break up large companies if they are not in the service of our democracy. This democratic party is strong and brave and progressive.”

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