2 men try to push a young man from San Francisco light rail

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco police said Friday both a young man in a headlock and the man who addressed him recognized officers they were in a fight caught on video widely shared on social media.

Two adult men were caught on the two videos, apparently trying to push a young man from a stopped light rail. The videos, posted on Twitter late Thursday, was shared thousands of times by Friday. The authorities are still trying to determine what led to the altercation.

Police spokesman Robert Rueca said officers were called to the Outer Sunset neighborhood Thursday night about an attack on a train. The young man gave officers a statement, and not on costs.

The agents could not search a third man who was the young man, Rueca said.

“I think the videos look disturbing, but at the same time, there is usually more to a story, because people don’t just start fighting each other, so we try to investigate more,” Rueca told the San Francisco Chronicle.

A 19-second video was posted on Twitter Thursday night shows two grown men pushing and kicking the younger man as he grabs a steering wheel in the train and then slamming him against the doors. One of the men is seen throwing the young man that belong on the street.

A second video, which lasts 23 seconds shows a man approach the young man in a chair and holds him in a headlock if a woman responds and says to him: “He is a boy!”

The man replies, “Tell him that he needs to stop!” And he adds: “I’m good stop, I have no problem.” He then turns to the young man and asks, “will you stop?”

A woman is heard screaming “Leave him alone!” and with the question: “About music?”

The man let go after two other men grab.

Rueca said that the police are still investigation what led to the altercation and that they review surveillance video.

“This is very disturbing video,” Erica Kato, a spokesman for the transport agency knowns as Muni, said in an e-mail. “We are working with SFPD to fully investigate this matter.”

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