2 Belgians-singer Rembert De Smet died

Rembert De Smet died, reports The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad on Saturday on the authority of the family. With 2 Belgians he had in the eighties with hits like ‘Lena’ and ‘Operation Coup de Poing’. He was 63 years old.

Meersschaert, Alex Rambaut, Rembert de Smet and Patrick Riguelle during the farewell ceremony for Walter De Buck in 2013 © BELGA

Re-read the last Knack-interview with Rembert De Smet: ‘New Beat is pretty funny, but at home I would have something like that never run’.

Rembert De Smet may feel a belpop legend. With 2 Belgians, he was signed for ‘Opération Coup de Poing’ and ‘Lena’, two songs in the musical memory of every Belgian popliefhebber engraved and still regularly passing on the radio. Also ‘Queen of Mine’ is from the mid 80’s was a big hit.

The Blemish may be one of the pioneers of the new beat call. He has worked together with the Praga Khan, Maurice Engelen. In recent years he was still active with Esta Loco, a flamenco-pop band. The Stain came from Ghent, with a great love of him. He was one of the founders of the Walter De Buck-tape.

According to The Newspaper had The Blemish only six weeks ago, been told that he had cancer.

“The power of dance music discovered”

“I’ve Rembert De Smet is always one of the most original artists found”, responds belpop-kenner Gust De Coster (Nostalgia). “While Arno TC Matic in the eighties and later dEUS to be the most important for the appearance of belpop abroad, is Rembert the driving force behind one of the most original bands that our country experienced.”

The Coster saw 2 Belgians for the first time on the Rock Rally in the early eighties. “What you went to see was an incredible ‘wall of sound’ by two gekgeklede artists. Afterwards I discovered how that came about: the guitar was hanging on a kind of synthesizer and the drumtoestel consisted of a thousand and one things that all have an acceptable sound made. But the power of Rembert was a very original sound, in a kind of dialect, actually they were on all surfaces, both uithoudelijk, as a musically-technically and visually one of the most original bands that Belgium experienced.”

Although Rembert in the eighties, the new wave did, he discovered one of the first to the impact of dance music. “His second version of Lena was along with ‘Oh la la la TC Matic, the first Belgian floorfiller at that time. He has the power of dance music discovered to have a hit to launch it, not only through the press or on the radio. Hence, he is considered as one of the founders of the new beat, one of the most innovative genres created in Belgium and mainly destined for the dance floor.”

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