19 the MS-13 gang members charged in a medieval-style ” California to the slaughter, were in the country illegally, officials say

to connectVideoMS-13 members have been charged with the brutal killing spree in California

Federal authorities in Los Angeles, cost of 22 MS-13 members, seven of medieval-style carnage, including a cut to the heart of a competitor; – Trace Gallagher reports.

Almost all of the members and associates of MS-13 gang is in charge of the “medieval-style” slayings of seven people in California were in the country illegally, officials said.

The U. s. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for an extra charge of 22, which is connected to a sub-set of the vicious gang known as the Fulton school, the members of which are accused of of nearly 200 crimes in the various states, with more than 9 years of age, according to a federal indictment released Tuesday.

“What We have now, and the streets are almost two-dozen people who have been associated with the most violent arm of the MS-13 in Los Angeles, california,” the chief Prosecutor of the u.s., Nick, She said.

Out of the 22 suspects, 19, had entered the illegal in the last three or four years ‘ time, according to Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.s. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles, california.


Federal prosecutors allege that the suspects used to be in the San Fernando Valley, an area that has recently been included as a cash inflow of young immigrants from Central America.

“As a result of these young thugs, young employees who wanted to become a member of MS-13, were required to kill the MS-13’s rival, or someone, is seen as a negative for the MS-13 to be initiated into MS-13,” according to the lawsuit,” the U.s. Attorney’s Office said on Tuesday.

Prosecutors say the pictures show the MS-13 gang as they stood in the forest, holding a machete and flashing a gang sign, a flashing sign is a gang
(Los Angeles, U. s. Attorney’s Office.)

“In Los Angeles, california, with a bunch of new members with an initiation ritual known as the ‘jumping in’, which is of several MS-13 members beat a prospective MS-13 of 13 seconds, while the shot caller, and counted out loud for up to 13 seconds,” the complaint read. “Beginning in 2017, Los Angeles, MS-13 members, who are identified by a” 503 “is necessary” for the murder of a rival, or an enemy of the group.

The authorities are saying, “503” represents a sub-group of MS-13, and it is the telephone country code for El Salvador.

The cruelty that is involved in a number of the alleged murder, was also published in graphic detail by the government. With four of the killings took place in the Angeles National Forest. The slaughter was performed by using machetes, bats, and knives, according to the indictment.

In one case, a member of a rival gang, who were believed to have been made unreadable by MS-13 graffiti was targeted, and had his heart cut out of his chest, authorities said.

On the 6th of March 2017, when the victim, identified as “J. S.” and was driven to the Angeles National Forest, where six of the MS-13 gang members attacked him with a machete in order to kill him, the prosecution claimed.

Long Island, new york police alert MS-13 is moving to wooded areas, in abandoned buildings,

Officials in Hempstead, New York are trying to fight against the dangerous gangs to move into abandoned homes and other buildings.

“The victim was dismembered and his body parts were thrown into a canyon and after one of the suspects allegedly cut the heart out of the body of the victim,” a news release from Hanna’s office said.

“It is to take violent offenders off the street and have to send a message to MS-13 members and associates who are in a medieval style, the violence and the senseless killing will not be tolerated in Los Angeles,” said Paul Delacourt, deputy director of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office.


She released a photo of MS-13 members in view of a chopping-knife, gang signs and weapons are in different positions.

Sixteen of the 22 people indicted are charged in connection with six slayings in which the official is said to be “heinous, cruel, or depraved” and that the defendants eligible for the death penalty. Prosecutors have not said whether they plan to seek the death penalty, however.

Prosecutors say the pictures show the MS-13 gang members, flashing gang signs and showing guns, showing off a command!3 is a tattoo.
(Los Angeles, U. s. Attorney’s Office.)

All of the 22 alleged MS-13 members and associates are in custody. Eighteen had been arrested during the past few years, a number of federal and state charges, authorities said. The three were picked up in the last couple of days in the Los Angeles area, by a task force which is an FBI agent, the Los Angeles police department and the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. One of the other alleged MS-13 affiliate was arrested over the weekend in Oklahoma city.


Authorities have also filed two or more cases are under seal, against the minor accused in federal court of law.

“The joint law enforcement effort has solved several murder cases and dealt a severe blow to the members of the gang, who are involved in acts of brutality not seen in the region for more than 20 years,” She said.

Fox News, by Robert Gearty, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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