16 useful things you can do with a bananenschil

Throw banana peels from now on no more road because you can take them for a lot of useful things. Sixteen examples.

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Throw banana peels away, because you can take them for a lot of useful things. Lifehacker and Quid a Corner to call there are sixteen.

1. Your shoes brush

Rub with the inside of a bananenschil about your leather shoes and then use a soft cloth to the pieces of banana to remove. The result: beautiful shiny shoes.

2. Meat is tender love

A mature bananenschil in a pan in which meat is baking, it helps to dry out and tough to avoid.

3. Fertilizer

Banana peels contain a lot of magnesium and calcium: substances that are good for your plants with blooming flowers. Cut the peel into pieces and put them in the potting soil.

4. Lighting

Rub a bananenschil about skin rash, itchy spots or insect bites and the itching and redness relief.

5. Plants shine

The leaves of indoor plants are, over time, dull and dusty. Over it and rub with a bananenschil take the dust away and gives the leaves a beautiful shine.

6. As a silver Polish

Times a banenschil, add some water and rub it with a soft cloth on the silverware. It removes any discolored spots and brings back the shine.

7. Prevention of aphids

Aphids can greatly cause a lot of damage in your garden and when they are there once, you’ll get they are not as easy to get away. When you are at different places in the garden a few banenenschil bury keep the small critters away.

8. Leather shine

Banana peels are not only good for your leather shoes to brushing, but also leather furniture or jacket to go there again to look like new.

9. White teeth

In place of a chemical product to whiten your teeth, you can better a bananenschil use. Lubricate your teeth each time, for about two minutes when you are brushing your teeth and your teeth will be visibly whiter.

10. Treatment of wounds

In the peel of a banana is potassium, a substance that the healing of wounds speeds up. You have a wound, you can first disinfect and then take a bananenschil over it.

11. Bird food

Birds find the ripe banana peels very tasty. When you put them outside put down they certainly will. The only downside: also bees and wasps love the peel of a banana.

12. Warts removal

Warts are quite stubborn. It helps to remove them, or their return to avoid when for a week each night with tape a banenenschil on the wart paste.

13. Splinters to remove

To splinter easier to remove a bananenschil help. Put a banenenschil at the place where the splinter is (or paste it fixed) and by the natural enzymes in the banana is the best (faster los.

14. Better compost

Banana peels add a lot of nutrients to the soil and make it more fruitful.

15. Treating pimples

Rub with a ripe bananenschil about your puisjes and leave the residue as long as possible on the skin. And was it off before you go to bed. Repeat this several days until the pimples are gone.

16. In a smoothie

Banana peels are full of carbohydrates, vitamins A, B-6 and B-12 and fiber. When you use the peel for ten minutes let cook, you can eat them or they grind them and add them to a smoothie.


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