16 reasons to do for the victory against England

An idiosyncratic list of reasons why the Red Devils will soon be just for group profit.

Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard © Belga Image

If the match previews the right, the advance as a prestigeduel announced England – Belgium will hurt the eyes. Because the question is apparently whether the two qualified countries do not prefer to lose: both sporty (a paper ‘easier’ trail and an extra day of rest) as logistics (in Moscow) seems to be the second place the group of us only benefits.

However, we do not agree. What concerns us, should the Red Devils tonight, just out for the victory, because…

… you by not playing to win the soul of the sport being raped. The essence of the sport is to try to win. It would be the image of this team do no good and the football in its entirety, definitely not.

… you won’t be able to sell to the supporters who have lots of money laid and the trip to Kaliningrad travelled to this match to see.

… also the English ‘out’ will go and so are we ‘out’ should go to the intended tie (and no defeat) is obtained.

… most of the Devils in England play and there we go yet from them a year of vicious laughter and teasing in the Premier League want to avoid.

… the Red Devils, who knows, the most scoring team ever at a world cup can be. As the average holding of the match against Tunisia and Panama, is not so far-fetched.

… group winners are just yet just that little bit extra cachet.

… your possible opponents in the next round(s) just motivates rather against them, to want to be. Something also analyst Gert Verheyen already mentioned.

… superstition is a strange beast that is looming when the comparisons to be made with the ‘easy’ toernooitabel of two years ago at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.

… the kot weather will be too small as Belgium, second in his group, and then in the eighth finals was against Colombia, Japan or Senegal or in the quarter-finals against Switzerland or Sweden – on paper indeed viable opponents. And then the criticism that this ‘golden generation’ are not proven against a top team in a major tournament remain alive. To the semi-finals by Brazil to switch off in the quarter-finals!

… it always look more magnificent and more charisma if you are one of the favourites can turn off on the road to your eventual triumph. Just like in tennis it is much more fun and more exciting to the real reekshoofden to send away.

… count just pointless: who says that Brazil, the eighth finals against Mexico survives? For the start it was already calculated that we in Germany were able to advance into the quarter-finals, and now see…

… group winners are just yet just that little bit extra cachet.

… today is the birthday of Kevin De Bruyne. The Red Devils, who tonight a piece of cake like, but better their best foot forward, because Kevin and losses, that is not together. Oh yes, it is also the birthday of one Harry Kane…

… we to our young, supporterende children tomorrow morning, not wanting to explain why it’s actually better that the Red Devils have not won a prize’.

… you never know what the FIFA out of his sleeve, shakes to players to punish those who intentionally yellow suits. When a draw will be tonight after all the cards are on group profit decide.

… a line through the account of the journalist who Wednesday in an article wrote that the Belgians second must be because he himself has no sense to over and over again to fly. That thinking is one thing, …

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