12 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Lipstick

12 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Lipstick

Lipstick is said to have been around for 4,000 years, and is probably the most popular make-up item women use today. One report suggests that Clinique’s global retail operations is said to sell one lipstick every second. Not surprising, considering a poll in 2007 reported that 82% of women felt less confident in the workplace and in dating if they didn’t wear lipstick.

But have you wondered anymore about the lipstick other than which shades look best on you? Just for the fun of it, here are some interesting facts about the lipstick.

1. When you apply lipstick, 20% of it ends up on the tissue paper from blotting.

2. Apparently, French scientists once calculated that during the course of his lifetime, a man swallows up to 6 pounds of lipstick, while a woman swallows up to 17 pounds.

3. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that a woman wearing lipstick was destined for hell, as she would be taken for a witch on Judgement Day. For this reason, women avoided lipstick until the Renaissance.

4. During the 17th and 18th centuries, all make-up – including lipstick – was considered a sin, and it was believed that women only used it to entice men into sin. Even in the 18th century, lipstick was considered the domain of actresses and prostitutes (the two professions were synonymous with each other).

5. Lipstick became really popular after WWII, when actresses on TV were seen wearing bright and bold lipsticks.

6. Lipsticks sell most on dark, rainy days.

7. A poll in 2002 stated that 37% of women believed their lipsticks helped them flirt their way out of a police caution, including charges similar to speeding offences or being presented with a notice of intended prosecution.

8. As well as on the lips, lipstick is commonly used as a cream blusher for cheeks.

9. Women who wear lipstick are thought to earn more in the workplace and progress further in their careers than those who do not.

10. The average woman uses her height in lipstick every 5 years.

11. The basic ingredient in lipstick is beeswax. And most lipsticks contain fish scale.

12. During the peak of her career, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her bold red lipstick so much that, on certain movie sets, no other woman was allowed to wear the colour.


Though we rarely put much thought into it, the humble lipstick has survived many a bad reputation, and is still alive and well today. Judging from sales figures and its prominence on TV, seems the lipstick is here to stay.

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