12 eetadressen for vegans

Of breakfast, brunch and lunchadressen to bakeries, restaurants and a chip shop. Good addresses with a vegan offering does not lack in Flanders and Brussels. A selection.

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If there is a “vegan christmas markets’ popping up and the ‘no crab smoskes”, then it is official : the veganism breaks through to the public at large.

A vegan avoids meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs, honey, cheese, but also leather, fur, wool, feather and down: all that is of animal origin. In the place they get their natural food from fruit and vegetables, seaweeds, soy and legumes. They eat yogurt on the basis of plants, fauxmages cheese (without cheese) or sojagehakt.

The philosophy of the vegans will find more and more resonance. The number of vegan cookbooks is not more, there appear more and more specialized shops and restaurants. A selection.


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Vegan breakfast – and lunchadres, mainly takeaway. Run by Peggy Acke, who with veganism came into contact after she was confronted with food intolerances. The majority of the fresh ingredients being delivered by the Fermetisten, the organization of vegetables and fruit direct from Belgian farmer to customer, or one day after the harvest.

Sint-Jorispoort 12, 2000 Antwerp Website


Restaurant where the vegan philosophy to the wine list is solid. Wine is made only from grape juice, you might think. “But during the manufacturing process are animal products, such as albumin or gelatin, to the wine to clarify,” explains Katherine Nash, manageress of Bites & Wines. Vegan wines are not filtered, or with a vegetable-based alternative.

Oude Beurs 60, 2000 Antwerpen, Website


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Shop with exclusively vegan range. In the racks are food products but also cosmetics and even shoes. Fauxmages of Vegusto (cheeses) or shoes in imitation leather of Wills, London. From Tuesday to Friday there are fresh ready – made dishes.

Boulevard De Waterloo, 367, 1050 Brussels, Website


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Healthy restauration rapide. The meals here are not only hundred percent vegan, but also free of gluten, refined sugars and genetically modified organisms. And all the ingredients are raw, cooked, not cooked above 46 degrees to their natural nutritional values are retained. The initiator is the young entrepreneur Thierry Aerts, who for his menu inspiration was looking at Annie Toads Jubb, the life coach of stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rue Des Colonies 58, 1000 Brussels, Website


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Start-up specialized in vegan desserts. Julie Scheurweghs and Pascal Van Berlamont make their pies and cakes are works of art almost too beautiful to eat. Think appelflap and frangipanekoek but also lavender-limoentaart. Also in the range: the babycake, a dessert for two people. “Butter, milk and eggs will be replaced by wheat flour, vegetable oil and soy milk,” says Van Berlamont, that the orders can’t keep up.

Flock is a bakery without went. You can give your order by e-mail or by telephone and you can get them in Brussels, pick-up, or to your home. They also provide some healthy interest such as the Greenwayketen.



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Sven Goedertier of the Marquis de Salad, a restaurant along a highway in Deurle, combines vegan with wheat-, gluten – and sojavrije dishes. On his menu are not only salads, but also hot dishes such as chili sin carne. Marquis de Salad is a vegetable pop-up, the building up for sale and Goedertier benefit from his restaurant until the property is sold. Then he moves, probably in the direction of Sint-Denijs-Westrem.

Xavier the Cocklaan 69, 9831 Deurle, Website


Vegan food truck. Spotting at festivals, but delivers just as well at home. By the week, the truck in various places in large cities, such as the Draakplaats in Antwerp, the boulevard de l’impératrice in Brussels, or industrial area The Point in Gentbrugge. On the menu are vegan burgers, and spaghetti. Driver and chef Tino Don Porto Carero, who is also cooking classes. Loving Hut is an international vegan franchise, with world-dozens of restaurants that the name (in Leuven example, there are two eponymous restaurants).

Website, home delivery through


Breakfast, brunch and lunchadres with extensive rolls – and even separate hotdogkaart. Everything vegan. Is known for the assortment of sweets. Cupcakes, croissants, speculaastaart, bosvruchtencrumble, boekweitpopcorn or sugar-free cake. Tilly and her mother Gilberte bake them and attract a lot of customers that are only for the dessert to come.

Tiensestraat 20 3000 Leuven. Website


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The pop-up Foodstorms popped up for the first time in 2014 in Ghent under the motto plant-based fine dining. The concept : one evening, a few temporary tables for a handful of guests, and a procession of topgastronomische dishes. Founder Kevin Storms for many years was the chef of the Ghent veggierestaurant Avalon. This spring he opens Foodstorms at a fixed location in the centre of Ghent, just keep an eye on the website.

“The pop-up made me realize how much demand there is for a refined vegetable kitchen,” says Storms. While his pop-up with prices starting from 60 euro in a more expensive class was, will his restaurant more accessible. Count on 35 euros for a few small plates including drinks.



Pieter-Jan Ribbon and Wouter Vandegehuchte experimented last month with a plant-based pop-uprestaurant that just three days it was open, and artful signs served. This year it comes back, also in Ghent. Exact dates and location will appear on their website.



Online bakery and receptenplatform with as slogan The Guiltfree Bakery. Madam Bakster had at the age of fifteen to 25 kilos weight loss and has a healthy obsession with food. She avoids not only butter, milk and eggs, but also refined sugar. Her cakes, muffins, and cakes are only to be ordered online (delivered at home), but she also delivers to a number of Ghent’s restaurants and pubs, such as Local (Brabantdam 100), and Peaberry (Limburgstraat 24).



Last but not least : welcome to the grand finale of this list is a deep-fryer. One of the most famous frietadressen of Ghent : the legendary fat fryers in the Papegaaistraat. Not only the French fries are vegan (not cooked in animal fats), on the suggestiebord there are several vegetarian and vegan options (twenty in total). Burgers, beef stew, tartar sauce,… The vegan options are very clearly marked with an asterisk referred to. Forty percent of the clientele of The fat fryers consists of vegetarians, just as the operators themselves.

Papegaaistraat 89, 9000 Gent

Veerle Helsen

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