10 Unusual Places to Hang Christmas Stockings

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Christmas stockings conjure thoughts of joy and cheer as soon as you see them, making them an excellent addition to holiday decor. Tradition touts, “Hang your stockings by the chimney with care.” But fortunately, those without a fireplace or chimney, or those who want to break with tradition — a lot of options for hanging their stockings this season.

In the window. Show off these festive stockings by hanging them for the whole world to see. Use Command hooks or a tension rod to avoid damage to the upholstery.

In the bedroom. While stockings in the bedroom might not be revolutionary, hanging Christmas stockings on the bed. Try them on the foot or — if you’re brave — on a high headboard.

On the doors. Hang them on the bedroom doorknobs or outside on your door. Use door wreath hangers as solid hooks.

On a plate. Display your stockings hung trim on a large board. Be creative and have your loved ones write their requests to santa Claus under the stocking.

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On the stairs. Hang them from the banister.

On a ladder. Whether your style is modern or rustic, you can create a ladder for both and everything in between. Haven’t been able to find the perfect ladder? Create your own.

On a shutter release button. Just like a ladder, a roller shutter can be moved anywhere in the house — on the floor, leaning against the wall or on a dresser. It can also be mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically.

From a branch. Use a natural element, such as a branch or a piece of driftwood, in your holiday décor by mounting to the wall. Stockings can be hung with aid of colorful ribbon.

On the cabinet or wall unit. Hang one of the stocking from the top of a loft or hang multiple stockings from the cabinet with the help of the stocking hooks.

On a string. You can put this string anywhere — vertically or horizontally on the wall, or along the edge of a cabinet to a little bit of holiday cheer. Use clamps or clothespins to hang each stocking.

Don’t forget: For each of these options, make sure that your hangers are mounted correctly and stuffed carefully for safety on christmas morning.

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