10 tips to sleep like a baby on the plane

Hurray: you’ve just got a vacation booked. Something less: you should make a flight for passed with to cramped seats and noisy passengers. The easiest way to survive, is already sleeping, but unfortunately that is not everyone. Unless you these tips apply, of course.

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Rest assured, we will not bother you with voordehand obvious tips like “book a first class ticket with extra legroom” (we wish), the ‘buy ear plugs’, ‘use an eye mask’ and ‘wear comfortable clothes’. These tips will go a lot further than that. Sleep well!

1. Book a seat at the window

It is much easier to fall asleep if you put your head into something you can explain to when you right and your head continuously back and forth wiegelt. Moreover, you will have more say in how much light you have your viewers can be grateful, because you are the only operates the hatch.

For extra comfort, opt for a seat next to the emergency exit, because there you have even more leg room also.

2. Care for the nowhere-better-than-home feeling

As a child, fell you a lot easier to sleep like your teddy bear in your arms lag. Also, as an adult, you can use that principle – fortunately, without you being a teddy bear having to compromise. Make sure that you a little home on the plane by soothing music in your ears to stop, and a soft blanket to take along.

3. You cross your legs

The most common sitting position for women is just about the only indenkbare during a long flight. If you have one leg over the other saves, it hits the bottom crushed and the circulation of the blood to be prevented. If your flight lasts longer than four hours, raises that attitude in addition, your risk of blood clots. Please prefer your legs with slightly bent knees, right in front of you.

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4. Sit back

Your chair will tilt backwards will the pressure on your lower back reduce. The less pressure on your back, the easier you fall asleep. Also use the armrests: a study has shown that also the pressure on your spine reducing.

Your seat is not let lie (by a nasty achterbuur, for example)? Then the tweedebeste posture just sit up straight. If you do not have such a strong back muscles, which will position you very little support and can make your low back pain, but that you can fix. Insert a cushion or even a rolled up sweater between the seat and your lower back so that the natural curvature is maintained and the pressure decreases.

Avoid how also to fall asleep without any backrest. Then you put very much pressure on your wervelschijven, which is guaranteed for a disturbed sleep and pain afterwards.

5. Use the off button

You already know that light has a negative impact on your slaapcapaciteiten. Pull out that knowledge, so also in the plane and put all the screens in your area (on your MOBILE, tablet, laptop or televisietje in the seats).

6. Avoid medication

Be very careful with the use of use sleeping pills, especially if you are travelling alone. Unless you perfectly and knows what an effect it can have on you, use you better not. That says Max Hirshkowitz, chairman of the National Sleep Foundation. Most of the products can you are also long groggy, so that your first day at your dream destination most of all in a bed would like to spend. And that would still be a sin, no?

7. Say no to alcohol

A few glasses of wine might sound like a tempting way to keep your holiday, but alcohol is not your best friend if you want to sleep. Initially it will drink, or sleep inducing, but usually takes effect three to four hours, then you wake up and impossible to return to sleep will be able to fall.

High in the sky could be that tom was once more to strike than when you are with your both feet on the ground, so a headache and a solid nadorst (and especially the crowded bladder as you try to compensate with gallons of water) would be your big issue can play with a nap.

8. Do not eat too much

Try two hours before you want to try to sleep not more food to eat. Please note that in addition to what you eat, because fat food will make you feel bloated, so do not sleep immediately it will succeed. If you’re a big (and greasy) meal to eat, your heart has more blood towards your digestive system pumps, which to a higher risk of blood clots suffer. And that’s just what you want to avoid on a long flight.

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9. Plan ahead, beat the jet lag

West – or eastward travel brings you daily rhythm a lot in the war, but you can anticipate them. You go in the direction of East? Then in the days before your trip each day 30 to 60 minutes earlier to bed than usual, and try about 30 minutes earlier. That way, if you shift your sleeping pattern is already in the right direction. You fly at night? Recommend researchers to light to avoid, and to try to sleep during the first half of the flight. Who to the West flies in, does well to sleep during the second half and the days for the flight later to go to bed and stand up.

10. Put your watch on local time

As soon as you the door behind you there home to leave on a trip, trade your best as if you were already at your destination. You have, for example, hunger? Wait with eating until the logical time that you would do at your holiday destination. (No pasta to start eating so if there, the sun only just rising.) The faster you begin your acclimatization, the better it will be once you’re there.

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