10 tips to every day, plenty of fruits to eat

The recommended daily consumption of 300 grams of vegetables is much more difficult to be feasible than thought, according to research of FLAME. 10 tips that can help.

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VLAM, the Flemish Centre for agricultural and Fisheries research, asked 100 consumers to their groenteverbruik a week long and very precise. Most striking observation: we think good thoughts, but that is not from the results. Not at all even. The recommended daily amount of 300 g and get a lot more difficult than expected.

FLAME comes to the rescue with 10 tips plenty of fruits consume need to facilitate.

Half of your plate

300 g is not to be underestimated amount. With some salad with the steak or the slice of tomato from a packet of chips to get there. Play it safe and fill your plate half with vegetables. That is 200 g of vegetables that you anyway have.

Every moment is a groentemoment

Vegetables are usually only on the menu for the main meal. 300 g of vegetables in one meal elimination is a chore, how delicious the dish may be. Spread the vegetables on a whole day and make every moment a groentemoment.

For example, during the breakfast; if you have ever used an omelet eat, there may be some additional vegetables to add. Or make a smoothie with vegetables and fruit for the road. Eat at noon soup, or take some raw vegetables as a snack. in the Evening, in the office filling homemade groentenchips the groentenmeter.

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A little preparation helps

You have a very busy agenda and you will barely cut it on groceries or cooking? One who is well prepared, has time.

A few tips:

* create a weekly menu and buy everything during one trip to the store.

* make Sunday a big pot of soup and freeze that in per serving.

* purchase sufficient snackgroenten. If you have to hunger always something tasty at hand and grab your not automatically to unhealthy snacks.

* cook for several days at a time, and you win loads of time.

First the vegetables, then the rest

Home much to eat vegetables is easier than outdoors. Not all restaurants are opting for a hefty serving of vegetables. Choose a vegetarian restaurant. Some cases also have a soup – and saladbar. First take a generous portion of soup and salad and order only after your main course.

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Ask yourself the question:How can I make extra vegetables to add?”

People who are easy to finish and allows that vegetables are not at all of the meals fit, his attitude to refine the question vice versa: ‘How can I vegetables to add?”.

Macaroni with broccoli, spaghetti carbonara with leeks, pizza with extra tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers, beef stew and fries with witloofslaatje… We can endless continue!

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Challenge yourself

If you do not just order plenty of vegetables to eat? Asks 300 g per day, an extra big effort. The risk to old habits expire is not limited. Challenge yourself every day to your objective. The positive effect will quickly be felt. Before you know it, is enough to eat vegetables a habit.

Also, processed vegetables and frozen vegetables count

From the examination of the FLAME shows that it is not always clear what all is in that 300 g should be counted. To all the misunderstandings to avoid: processed vegetables and frozen vegetables count too. They are even a great alternative to fresh vegetables. The loss of nutritional value during processing is negligible. Note: potatoes and meat substitutes do not count.

Keep the creativity in it

Amateur cooks who are regularly in the kitchen, know that the creativity to them at times let you down. That can be solved by groenterecepten to share with colleagues and friends and in that way overtrump each other with great tips. Or consult a cookbook (or our receptendatabank) .

Buy everything at once and push the price

Appearances can be deceiving: unhealthy fast food is not necessarily cheaper than fresh vegetables. Moreover, you also get less of a satisfying feeling when eating fast food. Vegetables and fruit will keep you lichaamsmotor other hand, a longer rotating. Also will the doktersrekeningen long-term absence. Vegetables contribute to your health in general.

Purchase all your vegetables during one trip to the store, stick to the shopping list and let nothing be lost. For example, create on Friday, a tasty quiche, an omelet or vegetable soup with the leftovers and every euro that you spend on vegetables is well spent.

A way of life that you do feel

Don’t worry: the occasional sin. 300 g per day should not be a block to your leg. Healthy eating should be a pleasant way of life you better feel instead of a endless effort. Only in this way is enough to eat vegetables easy to maintain.

Why is enough to eat vegetables important?

Vegetables and fruit have a high nutritional value. They provide an important contribution to our daily voedingsstoffenbehoefte. Also in the long term to fruits and vegetables can be a great investment. Numerous studies have shown that vegetables fight chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and certain forms of cancer.


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