10 tips to cost savings on a rental car

The majority of the Belgians are renting to have a car to go on vacation. With these ten tips you can a lot on the cost of such a car save.

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The majority of the Belgians are renting to have a car to go on vacation. With these ten tips from Sunny Cars, you can a lot on the cost of such a car save.

1. Voice pick – up and return period on the other

Please note that when renting a car is always on the 24-hour rule. If you take the car for an hour late in submitting, that you will have an extra day’s rental cost. Make sure that you take into account your desired pick – up and inlevertijden during the planning of your trip.

2. Book a rental car with shuttle service

If you are on the airport lands, would you like without a lot of hassle in your car steps and enjoy your vacation. However, you can sometimes with a short additional ride in a shuttle bus a lot to save. Some landlords have, in fact, no expensive office at the airport, but are on a few kilometres situated and therefore work with a shuttle service. With ten minutes extra, you can get more budget for your holiday adventure.

3. Take an all-inn service

Nothing is so annoying as unexpected expenses for your rental car when arriving at your holiday destination. The doubt starts to creep in, because you have everything insured? To this type of unpleasant extra to avoid, you can for an all-in service choose. One price, all the necessary included.

4. Rerserveer your car on time

Just as with airline tickets rising prices of rental cars when your holiday comes closer. As soon as a large part of the cars of the landlord is reserved, the rental prices up. Certainly if you have a preference for a certain type of car, budget or fun gadgets can be difficult when you’re not there on time.

5. Book for a second driver before you depart on your trip

On the spot, and a second driver added to your rental agreement, can sometimes be more expensive to come true than if you are on advance controls. Book so at home all of your additional driver or use the AD-package of Sunny Cars. Sometimes a second driver is included in the price, but do not forget that that is always the lease must sign in order to be insured.

6. Please keep in your cost estimates take into account One-Way-costs

If you have a roadtrip, it might be useful to your hire car at a different location than where you collected it. Often, you pay extra cost for this, but these vary widely. Sometimes it is even so that a cheap car is higher one way-costs than a more expensive one. So sure after what you the best suits.

7. Tune your car on the route that you want to drive

Depending on your course, it is a bigger car, sometimes cheaper than a smaller one. In the mountains, a powerful engine, for example, that a piece runs more efficiently and that you get to the end of your roadtrip less on gas have paid but, in a larger car, have driven.

8. Take your own GPS

For a long time, a GPS rental can be pretty expensive, but a navigation system is, of course, indispensable on a trip… therefore Take your own GPS, or download one of the many navigatieapps on your smartphone. Don’t forget your charger.

9. Choose a convenient fuel arrangement

Some car hire companies will let their customers pay for a refuelling after the end of the rental period. The service fees responsible for ensuring that this scheme is for tenants are often more expensive. A full-paid or a full-full arrangement is a better option. Forget, in other words, so as not to check which fuel arrangement there is applicable.

10. Check in advance the deposit and the huurvoowaarden

In many cases there is the guarantee of a rental car lot. When the deposit is blocked on your credit card, it can sometimes have to swallow. Compare the rental conditions of different cars that interest you. Would prefer that car with the high guarantee? Then you can get an extra credit card to take with you. And you have no credit card? Opt for the No guarantee package of Sunny Cars, which they guarantee for the car rental, and the guarantee of your inheritance.

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