10 alternative kerstfilms for if you are Home Alone, however, has seen

Christmas morning: you are watching there are probably equally looking forward to it. After numerous miserable shopsessies, frustrating turkey-issues and empty disputes with distant relatives, there is finally that time that you perfectly included in your fleecedeken can crawl and quietly digest for the tube. And you have to do that this time not with the same clichéd kerstklassiekers that you already have each year presented, because we were looking for you ten surprising alternatives.

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1. The clichéfilm: The Polar express

The alternative: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Just like The Polar Express (2004) Rare Exports (2010) about a little boy on christmas eve, the most bizarre adventures in his career. This French-Scandinavian thriller is much more exciting, darker and cinematic more interesting than his zeemzoeterig American cousin. There is flirting with the boundaries between fantasy and horror, and in a few minutes you become sucked into a surreal world that stretches across the Finnish-Russian snowfields. Not suitable for small viewers.

2. The clichéfilm: The Santa Clause

The alternative: Le Père Noël est une Ordure

In The Santa Clause (1994) find a father and a son a kerstmanpak and rendierslee filled with gifts, which they decide the place of the santa claus and the charity merrily in the about in this way. On this sentimental kerstillusie offers the French cult film, Le Père Noël est une Ordure (1979) a cynical alternative. What at first sight on a simple, albeit perfectly timed and hilarious, farce seems, however, reveals also a sharp criticism of a shallow and narcissistic society that especially during the christmas season prevails.

4. The clichéfilm: The Holiday

The alternative: Eyes Wide Shut

The Holiday (2006) is an inevitable avondvulling for anyone who is in the christmas period up to the VTM or Q2 zapping. Lovers of romantic dramas for a step further, you may, have to Eyes Wide Shut (1999) a frivolous alternative. This mysterious movie from Stanley Kubrick with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman also rely on a star cast, and we can be just as good as a psychological nightmare than as an erotic daydream describe. Against a romantic kerstachtergrond ontspinnen is dark intrigue, where the life of the New York nouveau riche, and high society at the same time appealing to the imagination and does abhor.

A Chinese alternative to this is the arthousefilm2046 about erotic love affairs that play out during the holidays in Hong Kong.

5. The clichéfilm: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The alternative: Black Christmas

As in most of the films of Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993) on a pale, black-haired beanstalk, in this case, the bony king of Halloween Town. He ends up in Christmas Town, where are the bloody jokes a lot less appreciated. The same bloody christmas can be experienced in Black Christmas(1974), the precursor of the horror-cult movie Halloween, and thus also the first film in the slasher genre from the 70’s. Culturally responsible shudder so, the perfect activity for a brain-dead christmas morning.

6. The clichéfilm: Home Alone

The alternative: The Ref

We understand that Home Alone (1990) an amusing and kneuterige movie. And yes, he comes every year on tv. But seriously, the movie is really not good enough for the fifteenth time, look again. Rather choose for The Ref (1994), also about a burglar who ends up in the bosom of a bourgeois family, where he cannot do otherwise than their crazy christmas habits to undergo. No miracles and sentiment, but it is a solid satire in which the actor Denis Leary the best of themselves.

7. The clichéfilm: die Hard, Batman Returns

The alternative: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Frozen River

Stitch ‘movie’ and ‘film’ in any search engine and you will die Hard (1988) or Batman Returns (1992). Yet it is not the only film in the action-kerstgenre that the view is worth it. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) is the sixth James bond film, which for the occasion, fully in a kerstjasje was stabbed. So we see how the Bond goes on holiday in the Alps and peaceful parcels to open around the christmas Tree. Then with a few gorgeous women by his side to save the world, obviously.

And ahead, a second tip for the same price: the award-winning indiefilm Frozen River (2008) combines an exciting story about the smokkelindustrie with some cosy kerstlessen about friendship, family and loyalty.

8. The clichéfilm: Love Actually

The alternative: 101 Reykjavik, 2046

The same weird love affairs, and bizarre characters which Love Actually (2003) all years kerstklassieker made, you can also find in 101 Reykjavik (2005), but even then, a gradation is more extreme. The film tells the story of an aimless nozem who falls in love with the spirited Lola, and with her an intimate night experience. On new year’s eve, he finds out that she is a lesbian, and in addition, a fling turns out to have with his busybody mother. And then there is still somewhere a pregnancy. There’s no monkeying around in this lively comedy of Icelandic origin.

9. The clichéfilm: A Christmas Carol

The alternative: Less Than Zero

There is the original A Christmas Carol from 1938. In 1883 followed Micky’s Christmas Carol and The Muppet Christmas Carol. A platvloerse version followed in 1988 with Scrooged and in 2009, Disney have a new revamp with Jim Carrey in the lead role. Although the film is inevitable for any self-respecting kerstfanaat, begins the story of the wrek on christmas eve to repentance comes somewhat trite. Then rather Less Than Zero (1987), a delicious eightiesfilm about a spoiled kid that his university’s home draws before christmas, and the turbulent life of his completely derailed friends from high school find. While his best friend goes to a drug addiction and also his ex-girlfriend in numerous bad habits seems to be losing, he comes to the realization that the fast life in LA perhaps not everything is.

10. The clichéfilm: Eleven

The alternative: Brazil

Also, Brazil is a real cult film from the 80’s, where absurdity and misunderstood asset. And we mean not an imaginative movie that still within the lines of the imaginable remains colors, such as Elf (2003), but a complete surrealist print that the biggest doom scenario’s for the future, reality shows are. So we see a world in which the state has complete control on the truth, and the reality even can deform depending on the political needs. Citizens are swallowed up in alienation and consumerism, and completely indifferent to everything around them happens. Typical of this is the scene in which Robert De Niro completely wrapped in wrapping paper, and the kerstshoppende passers-by didn’t even notice.

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